Friday, 1 May 2015

New Van Today .. Toys For Boys an All That ..

Hello there ...
All change today as Hubby P got his new van .. well .. not new exactly .. a 'nothing fancy .. but a sturdy workhorse' sorta van.
 Sad to say the old one went to the great scrapheap in the sky ..
 I think Hubby P had worked it into the ground and it would cost just too much money to get it through the next MOT. 

To me it looks exactly like the old one .. but a touch better in that I do now have a passenger side window that opens! 
Pure luxury ..! Hubby P knows how to treat a Girl!

Here he is loading it ..
 its amazing watching him .. 
its a bit like that game Tetris whereby everything is fitted together like a jigsaw .. its incredible how much he packs into the back of the van.

On the downside ... for me .. is the height of the darn thing ..
 I have to have a step to get in and out .. I feel a bit like the Queen waiting for her flunky to 
 'asist her to alight' ..
 either that or I end up falling on my behind!

 We are hoping for at least a couple of fine days over the Bank Holiday weekend so we can trade..
 I have been sorting stock .. 
and have packed a lot of nice white linen.
Hopefully I will get some ladies who appreciate such fine needlework and want to take some home with them.
 I do sell a lot to ladies from abroad .. 
I suppose it is harder to come by overseas...
 and its a nice ..
 'little bit of English Afternoon Tea ..
or Downton Abbey style stuff  .. to take home'.

 Just thought I would show you this ..
 who remembers having one of these on their children's Christening cake ?
Isn't it sweet.

Tradition was .. to save the top tier of your (fruit) Wedding Cake ...
 I wrapped mine well and put it in the freezer .. and use it as a Christening cake for your first born.
You could buy these pretty little storks and whatnot and stick them on top of the cake with a bit of icing.

As I remember the cake was just fine.
Nowadays people have sponge type wedding cakes and whatnot .. 
so I suppose the tradition has died out .
Can't say as I ever hear of saving top tiers .. 
gosh it makes me feel old!

 Nice sunny afternoon .. so I nipped outside with the camera..

 How pretty these Coltsfoot flowers look 
I know ..
spreading seed far and wide ..
But I love their cheerful brightness early in the year.
And these fluffy pompoms are an added bonus .. 
something to make me smile as I look out of the kitchen window.

 The Bluebells are here .. 
and adding their hearty blueness to the many shades of green ..
so pretty.

We will soon have the lovely scent of the Lilac .. everyday the buds are getting fatter .. ready to burst into loveliness...

 This is difficult to see ..
but its Will's apple tree (grown from a pip) .. 
we planted it near Fly's resting place .. and its doing so well.

Its only small but its bursting with blossom.
It will be interesting to see if it fruits .. just grown from a pip I doubt it will come true .. but we will see.
It looks very pretty.

Well .. enough of me .. have a nice Bank Holiday Weekend x