Monday, 31 May 2010

Stylish Treasure Finds and Gardening Delight!

What a lovely Bank Holiday Monday! - did you have sunshine?
It was glorious here, we spent the morning selling our bits and bobs on the local Car Boot Sale, chatting to everyone - lots of chatting!
It was a most enjoyable morning.
And the Treasure to be found!
Just look at my lovely pinky coloured, shabby old mirror - I just love it. I have spent a goodly amount of time walking around the house with it, to see where it will look 'at home'. Its nicely 'chippy' and the glass lightly foxed - just so very me! very like me some would say - a bit 'chippy' and very often shabby!
The bargin of the day had to be the Chanel No 19 Eau De Toilette - an new unopened box for £4! I think I just fell lucky, a nice little old lady had just put it on her stall. She had a number of different scents -unused, boxed - presents she had never used.
Well! - Manna from Heaven!
I wear Chanel daily - I know sounds posh - but I do. Its my one weakness! And Hubby P is so kind, he keeps me in the sweet smelling stuff.
So a great day treasure huntin, and we made a few pennies selling our chattles!
A good weekend altogether really - Hubby P won £10 on the Lottery - we celebrated by spending some of it on a Magnum icecream lolly each - we know how to live in the Allsorts household!
And then this afternoon he came home with this - great excitement!

I know - to you its just an old tin bath!

But to me it is an ideal deep bed planter for down the middle of my greenhouse. Hubby P picked it up from a friend - who knows me well and sent it for me to 'plant up'.
It even has holes already punched in the bottom - it must have been used as a planter previously.

It fits a treat in the greenhouse - Hubby P is going to build a frame for it so that it is raised up a bit - less chance of me falling over it! I'm afraid I do have a habit of tripping up in the garden.
I am enjoying my greenhouse, and the garden in general. Just love to see the the miracle of new green life pushing up through the soil.

Just look at these cute little Nasturtiums.

In no time at all the the little seedlings have grown and are flowering their little socks off!

The old pram is full to bursting with fresh green herbs - handy for cups of refreshing Lemon Balm tea, and zingy mint for those welsh lamb chops!
xxx That's all for now xxx Take care xxx