Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Hello there!!!!!!
What busy week again!
As you can see we have been harvesting our apples - all of 1 tree! but what a lot of fruit - the tree went mad this year - lots and lots of good clean apples!
In fact I was so impressed I just had to weigh them to see just how much! -- 47lbs, not bad from one little tree!

Charlie the cat was there to supervise!

Then a fit young man ( son Will ) climbed into the tree to prune it, its what he does for a living - so I left him to it! - its just not nice seeing great lumps being cut off my lovely tree!! He assures me it will do wonders for the tree and next years fruit! I gave it a good big feed afterwards to help it recover from the shock!

Apples everywhere!
Because we have nowhere suitable for storing them as they are, and lots of freezer space in the new freezer - that's where they ended up! Hubby P and I sat and peeled all 47lb of them, chopped, bagged and in the freezer. All ready for lots of scrummy apple crumble, jams and jellies, I usually make a really nice apple mint jelly - wonderful with cheese or meat!
Hubby P did moan a bit at the peeling -said it was like peelin spuds in prison! - but as I pointed out all the peelings would make a great Apple wine! We have just finished the last from last year!

We put all the peelings and cores in a big tub to 'stew' for a few days then I will strain off the juice and add sugar and yeast and leave to ferment into lovely fragrant wine!


In between the showers - when the sun shines! I have been collecting flower seed and putting it to dry. Hopefully lots of baby plants for next year!


Car booty goodies!
Just look at all this wonderful lace! It was the old Christmassy box that caught my eye, and when I opened it up - wow! Lots and lots of of neatly folded and stacked in the box - and all for just £2!!!!

This lace collar is particularly lovely - it would look just great on a dark velvet dress/gown around Christmas time!

And how about these butterflies drifting across a pretty flowing skirt! Or used to pretty up a little purse or cushion!
So many wonderful possibilities!

I found this pretty hand embroidered tablecloth (50p) - the hand work is just so perfect, so well done! And the cloth is in such good order - it will look great on my table, especially when my new dining room is finished - not that there is any pressure on Hubby P!!!!

And I must just say a big Thank You to Twiggy (TheworldofTwiggypeasticks) for my Award!
I need to Blog it another time - It needs Links n' stuff - and I can't get my head together for that just now!
Ta ra for now xxxxxxxxx