Friday, 6 February 2015

Of This Weeks Doings .. Sunshine .. Horses.. Craftiness .. And Cake..!

Hello there .. hope you are all well..

Just a little of my week .. everyday ramblings ... and Cake !
 I know you like cake ...

I did a mornings baking .. mostly for the 'wood lads' (the factory lads that save me their scrap wood) ...
but of course we had to try some ..' Quality Control' says Hubby P ....someone has to do it..

I just made fairly basic stuff .. using what I had in the cupboards .. Mince pies .. I know! .. 
But I wanted to use up the last half jar of mincemeat. Bakewell tart.. a coconut cake and some good old Raspberry buns (made with Damson jam .. there being not a spot of Raspberry jam in the house).
Simple and tasty .. I've found young men avidly gobble up most things cake-y!

The sun has been shining his little socks off this week..

 The horses in the field thought it was great ... it has been nice watching them playing around in the field opposite our cottage. 
As I sit in my chair by the fire this is the view I have ... I'm so lucky.

 As I went outside with the camera this one came to say Hello'

They all seemed happy .. enjoying the sunny day ... nicely wrapped up in their rugs.

The garden is slowly awakening .. here you can see the big pot filled with Tulips .. just peeking their noses out into the sunshine.
And the Daffs are on the way too.

In the absence of real fresh foliage and flowers I found these colourful sprays of leaves .. they came in .. in a 'lot' Hubby P had bought. 

 I don't know if I have shown you this .. 
but I have a metal 'shabby' iron work gate .. hung from the ceiling .. I know .. don't ask .. 
it was just 'the right thing' for the ceiling .. 
to dangle things off.
Anyway .. over Christmas I had spruce/greenery and stuff ... stuffed in and around/suspended from the gate .. 
and very nice it looked too.
But of course that dried up and had to come down .. 
so I thought the artificial leaves would give a dash of colour for a while.

I do like purple so this makes me happy.
It will be okay .. until I get bored .. then maybe summer time I can gather some seed heads to decorate over the winter.

On the crafty front .. I made a bit of time to make something for myself.

I found this wonderful piece of old fabric ..
 actually it was an old knitting bag .. rather grubby and missing its handles.

 I unpicked it carefully.

 And I gave it a good old boil wash in the big old pan.

 I found this old feather cushion inner at the back of a cupboard .. a bit stained .. but its only for us .. 
and I don't mind it will be inside the cover.
 There was just enough to make it into a nice squishy cushion.

 I made time this afternoon to run it up int a cushion .. 
I just love the colours .. its so cheerful.
And it was nice to make something .. 
to do a bit of sewing for me.

I do find sewing .. crafting of any kind so therapeutic ..
 don't you agree?

And just to share .. here is a little bit of cake for you .. 
can you smell the sweetness .. mm mm

And the best bit ... don't worry .. its all calorie free...!

Bye for now xx