Monday, 9 November 2009

Wrapping Paper Giveaway and Weekends Treasure Finds!

Hello there! Yes, its Monday again - the weekends are just not long enough!
I hate Mondays - its cleaning up day from the weekend, I tend to do nothing much in the way of housework Sat and Sunday - so the house is in a real old state by Monday!
And the days seem so short - it gets dark so early - that's enough moaning! Tuesday tomorrow - and Car Boot Sale day!!! Another Treasure hunt Day!
As I promised I put all the names of the people who had commented on the Christmas Wrapping Paper post, in a hat - and the winner is Da Da!!!
Gill from That British Woman
- a great blog, Gill as no doubt you have gathered is a Brit living in Canada - in a wonderful old house that she and her hubby are renovating - go on have a peek!

I have gathered a little selection together, and shall pop it in the post for her.

This weekends finds - not too much, it is so cold, I think anyone who stands deserves a medal!
I found a nice little case, its actually a green colour. Sorry the photos are not up to much, the light is dreadful today! I will use the case to store fabric and sewing -y things.

And some pretty little crotchet gloves - very Bronte sisters!

I think they are so pretty, I bought 3 pairs, unfortunately only one pair really fit me well, so I think the other two may go on ebay - I might just get some pennies back, to go a' Treasure
Hunting again!

Here I am, all set to go off for Afternoon Tea - just need a dashing young Mr Darcy to escort me!! And i do so like cake -'Tis my one weakness!'
xx Take care xx bye for now xx