Tuesday, 20 January 2009

An Afternoon with Engelbert Humperdink!

Just got in from the Car Boot Sale ~ Wow! lots of goodies today ~ just had to share this with you!
I am having an Afternoon of Engelbert and the Stylistics (the best of!)~ only 50p each!
Ooh --- do you remember Engelbert? He had his own show on TV ~ and what he did to my heart as a young girl!
I thought he was Sooooo wonderful!
The perfect lover ~ truth is he was probably a total Rat! Real lounge Lizard material!
Don't know that my choice in men changed much for a good while ~ until I met Hubby P ~ he's more grisly Joe Cocker than Engelbert! (not that he can sing -shame!)
And I found the stylistics - wonderful!
On the 20p table - something to read!
Its very old and battered, but full of wonderful 'Advice' on all subjects, a 'must' for all young Women wanting to be a success in all things!

I can just see me doing this! ~ don't thing I even have the right sort of frock!

This is more me ~ housework and more housework!

The photo's and illustrations are just wonderful!

'Every Woman's Home'?
How things have changed ~ it could well be on a different planet, its so different from the average home today.
Although I would kill to have a go in that kitchen!

Anyway that's all for now ~ back to Eng' and this fascinating book!

Bye for now xxx