Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Just a Quickie folks! Mostly pic's.
Yes! It must be Autumn! I felt the greatest urge to make soup today - with lots of root-y type veg and lentils and pearl barley. Its simmering away as I write this - I am just struggling with myself -would it be just too self indulgent to make some nice fluffy herby dumplings to put in it!
Tummys grumbling something awful!

Yesterday we had no electricity for 4 hours. There was a little man down the Lane fixing something. They did give us warning - so I had my trusty flask to hand. But of course it meant no washing, ironing etc - shame!!*
What could a girl do! I had to fill my time somehow! so I got out some stamper thingies I had bought myself, and played about making my Christmas cards and wrapping paper.

We don't make too much of Christmas here, but I always try to give my loved ones a little something nicely wrapped in some homespun effort of my own making! I am very much of the - its the time effort and thought - that's gone into a gift, rather than how much flashy people can afford to spend!
Maybe a am just too old fashioned - maybe my upbringing is now 'old hat' but I am not gonna change now - old dogs an all that!

I think this paper should look ok with some nice rustic twine/string/ribbon - or whatever I can find! Goin for the rustic look!
One or two finds from the Auction, and car boot sale on Sunday.
Some pretty jars to stand on my kitchen windowsill - I use then to store bits and bobs (paint brushes to dry and what not), and start plant cuttings off to root. I had to bid for 3 crates of milk bottles to get these, Hubby P's face was a picture! You've bought what! that sort of thing - but too late I already had them! A ha!
I thought the unwanted ones could just go in the recycling - but when we looked at them, they were/or had been someones collection of vintage milk bottles all dating from the 70/80's - with special promotions on them. Hubby's looking to see if he can sell them on Ebay - be a shame to throw them in the recycling if someone out there collects them.

Pretty New rug - don't look at the dirty cupboard where the dog as flopped down!

Two Salter scales - how many scales does a girl need!

Goinn for some soup now! Have a nice day xxxx