Monday, 23 March 2015

Thrifty Doings .. With The Dashing Young Mr Poldark ....

 Hello there .. just a quick 'Hello' tonight 
.. the sun has been shining again today .. although a trifle cold.

Do you like my little blanket .. you've probably seen it before .. 
I made it a while back.
I just love these little Thrifty blankets made from all the odd scraps of wool .. 
they appeal to the very basic core of thriftiness .. 
or meanness ? .. in me.

In the wintertime they keep my knees warm sat by the fire ..
 and in summer they are handy to drape over the outside chairs .. just there ready to put around your shoulders as the cooler evening draws in.

Last week .. amongst the 'stock' that came in was a little old hand knitted jumper .. 
rather sweet but unfortunately it was coming unravelled at the back .. too far gone to repair.

 Not to worry ... not to waste .. its all still good wool .. 
and will look just fine given a new lease of life amongst the squares of a blanket.

So I sat down to unravel the jumper .. no hardship really ..
 my attention was fully taken up with the dashing Mr Poldark ... such a pretty young man .. 
maybe a touch too pretty for me .. but maybe I am just getting a bit older ..
And I can't get past thinking of him as a vampire ...!
Do you remember him as the vampire ..?

The end result .. apart from him marrying the redhead ... 
well some rather nice balls of wool in a pretty shade of blue.
Its rather thin wool.. 4ply I should think
 .. so I will knit it up .. or rather crochet it up .. two together.

And as I sit of a winters evening with a blanket over my knees ..
 I will see the blue squares and forever think of Mr Poldark.

 The sunshine brought Hubby P out of his workshop again.

 I caught him manfully wrestling with this large bench.
Its a repair and refurbish kinda job ..
it was built (by local carpenters I think) for a lady in remembrance of her late husband .. 
she asked Hubby P to pick it up from the rest home where it provides a welcome resting place for residents .. and give it a good sanding down and treating with .. er .. 'stuff'
 .. so it will withstand the wind and the rain for another few years.
A nice little job .. we do allsorts of everything here .. 

Just to finish with  a bang ....
How's this for a dollop of colour ...

 This is real Retro flower power.

Fancy waking up to this bright blue number on your bed ... 
I wonder if they did wallpaper too ..

This little bedspread came in last week .. just a single bed size  .. good size for a throw I suppose.
Its in excellent condition so I will bung it on eBay I think.. 
the fabric is fabulous even if the thought of waking up to the bedspread might be a touch to much.

That's all for now folks ..
 off to crochet a couple of Poldark squares ..

Bye for now x

Saturday, 21 March 2015

A Day Playing Out In The Sun .. Lots Of Little Jobs Done.

Hello there ... hope you are all well ..
A real Spring like day today .. wall to wall sunshine .. 
a day to play out... 
and grab a bit of that lovely sun.

Well ... not so much playing ..
 more like 'at last' getting some outdoor jobs started ..

 I rooted about in the shed until I found a tin of undercoat .. 
I sanded down the conservatory windows and gave them a goodly coat of paint.
This conservatory never seems to get finished .. 
its still waiting to be sanded down and sealed with linseed oil ... Oh well .. one day.

 The Girls .. and George of course .. 
had new shavings in their deep litter shed .. and the outside scratch pen was forked over for them .. 
this causes great excitement as it turns up all sorts of worms grubs and other goodies. 
Their day was complete when I tipped a trug full of dead leaves into the scratch pen (sweeping up around the paths and whatnot) ... a look of pure bliss on their little faces ..
 Ahhh to be a chicken with leaves to scrat around in ..!

 Hubby P was his usual industrious self .. 
doing a bit of make do and mend ... here he is repairing an interesting little table .. giving it a new lease of life.

 A lovely little coffee table .. it is level and straight .. really
 ... its just me with the camera that's not altogether level ... 
and on many levels I should think !

 Here's the little trolley he was painting (on the last blog post)
 it looked more blue in the last pic ..
 now he has shabbied and waxed it it looks ...
well ..worn and shabby .. as it is supposed to do.

I really quite like this .. but I really do not have the room .. anywhere .. I've checked.

I thought you gardeners out there might like to see these .. they are the bees knees.

Nice little vintage .. cast (iron/metal?) Herb plant name plaques .. there are eleven in all ..  lovely things ..

 I think these are quite special ..

 I had a good old tidy up of my pots and containers .. 
and the old ladder/shelving thingy ... I like my old ladder it gives a bit of height and interest to my galvanised baths and pots garden. 
I or rather Hubby P .. with me doing the important 'pointing' bit .. moved the containers to the other side of the garden .. 
I fancied a shift around .. new season .. new look.

All looking ship shape around the pots bit.

And look what I found .. (no .. I don't want your rude thoughts!)

How thrilling for a Girl .....!
The first of my asparagus spears ... I have a little pot/galvanised bath actually.. of asparagus plants ..
and they are coming on really well .. 
of course it will be a few years before we see any real crops .. 
but hey ho' .. small things an all that!

Its getting to that time of year when everyday you find something new in the garden ...

So whats new with you ? 
I hope you have something to look forward to .. 
wherever you are ... 
whatever the weather is doing..

Take care x bye for now x

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Thats It ! ... I've Had Enough ! .. I've Decided That Spring Is Here ....!

 Hello there ... 
Its been a lovely sunshiny day here ... and all in the garden is blooming its little socks off ..

.. and the sunshine .. streaming in through the windows ...
is showing all the dust!

 Well ... I made an attempt at the dusting .. but today all seemed dark and dull with the heavy winter curtains still up at the 'rather small' cottage windows.
So .. I made an 'executive decision' ...and decided that this sunshine was the beginning of Spring .. 
thus.. Spring Had Come ..
Out came the summer curtains ...

I had a bit of a wipe around the windows .. removed the dead spiders and whatnot .. we're not big on housework in this household ..

 I gave the heavy velvet winter curtains a jolly good brush and hung them over the slate fence to air.
They are old cotton velvet ... they don't lend themselves to repeated washing .. so a good stiff brush usually brings them up. 
Mind you I noticed they are showing signs of wear and fading .. getting past their best .. so I will keep an eye out for something to replace them with .. perhaps a warmer colour for a change .. a nice rich red velvet might be nice.

Later I put them away in their box .. well labelled .. then I can find them when the evenings lengthen and the weather cools... and again we slide into winter.

 But for now .. fingers crossed .. we are heading to warmer weather ..
 sunshine and long days in the garden..

My light lacy curtains have been blowing in the breeze and it was wonderful to get some of that Spring air into the cottage.

 Hubby P had rather a 'blue' day ... 
he was doing his make do and mend .. repairing and recycling/upcycling and whatnot ..
 and he had the blue paint pot out.

And yes .. 
I managed to get one of the big quilts washed and on the line.
Tis my Birthday quilt .. bought for my 50th by my lovely fairy Godmother x

And it was a bit Handbags and Glad rags for me  .. 
I polished up a few handbags .. not the best quality  but someone will enjoy them ..
 cheap and cheerful vintage...
And a little collection of silk handkerchiefs..
they just needed a gentle freshen up and a warm iron.

The Teachers is for later .. my bad chest you know!

Is it Spring like with you ? .. I do hope I've not tempted fate .... lets hope the sunshine wants to stay and play.

Bye for now x

Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Good Sort Out .. And Back To It ..!

Hello there ...

Well we seem to free of the germs .. at last .. 
and feel more like joining the hurley burly of everyday life .. gosh what a nasty flu like germ-y thing it was ..

As you can see (above) we have had a general sort out at the unit ..
 'Clara Bow' has had a change of outfit .. 
I rather think she looks like she is attending a Wedding.
She welcomes customers at the door.

In between sniffles .. Hubby P .. being Hubby P .. 
and fighting these germs with a vengeance .. 
not giving in .. not giving an inch .. 
and certainly Not collapsing on the sofa with a hot water bottle...
 (like most of us would/did)

He decided to work in the workshop ...
 hammering and banging and hum 'swearing' .. just a little bit.
He rebuilt a little old dresser ....
 it came to us rather in bits .. 
so it suited him to fiddle about and remake .. rebuild ..
 a bit of Make Do and Mend ...
helped to take his mind off the sniffles.

He painted it a rather nice blue colour .. and gave it a protective wax and polish.

 And guess what .. it fits into our kitchen .. just beautifully!

We had to take some cupboards down off the wall ...
 and it will mean we need to re decorate .. 
but the kitchen .. quite frankly is in dire need of a freshen up anyway.

 The photo's are not great I'm afraid .. 
we have just sort of plonked it in place .. 
but you get the idea.. 
lots of handy .. warm wooden shelves.

 And quite the cutest Deco style knobs ..
 Ooh .. a Girl just loves a nice (cupboard) Knob ..
 could have been quite rude then .. 
and Shocked you all...!

Anyway enough of that sort of thing ...
Had a good old de clutter of the house whilst I was at it .. some old friends are off to the sale.

 I've had this little mannequin for ages .. 
sweet as she is its time for a new home. 
She is an infant/small child size .. and shape .. made from plaster .. very shabby chic I suppose.

 I've loved these egg boxes too .. they date from before the war and are in such excellent condition..they were used to transport eggs. Just recently they have been pushed to the back of the shelves gathering dust.
Someone will appreciate them.

And Tins! 

Really ... just how many tins does a Girl need ..?
I've had a good thinning out .. and .. hard as it is too let go .. it does feel better .. the house feels lighter ..
that's not to say I wont go about filling it up again....!

But that's the joy of collecting .. treasure hunting .. seeking out the old and quaint .. 
the wonderfully shabby and interesting ...
 the cast aside .. 
the sad and unloved ..

So much more Thrilling than a trip to the High Street.

Don't you agree ...?

Bye for now x

Friday, 27 February 2015

A First This Year .. Washing On The Line ... Hurrah.!

 Hello there ...
Well what a lovely day we have had .. lots of sunshine this morning.

It tempted me to have a wander outside .. and even try some washing on the line ..

Hurrah ...!

Clothes smell so deliciously fresh when dried in the free fresh air and sunshine.

Still feeling really rather Yuck with this cold-y flu-y type bug .. but to be honest I'm a bit bored of it .. so much I want to do ..

 And now Mr Sunshine is playing out .. I want to be out there too ..

The little Daffs are peeping out .. there should be a nice showing for St Davids Day on Sunday.

I'm 'Girding my Loins' .. as they say .. to work on Sunday .. we will just have to .. I'm hopeful I will feel much better by then.
Poor Hubby P had to work today .. a long standing booking .. not that really he was fit to work with having this flu bug .. but hey ho' that's being self employed for you.
 I had a hot lemon drink and hot water bottle ready for him when he returned ..
and he had a little nap to recover.

 I chained myself to the ironing board again .. and sorted and pressed more of the linen.

 I think I am getting to the end of this lot ... I'm getting a bit tired of it .. I keep looking out of the window at the sunshine.
Mind you I feel that sickly and generally Yuck  .. I wouldn't be up to much gardening wise.

It went a bit cooler this afternoon .. so I sat by the fire and listed on eBay .. a few bits more of the linen
... got to move it on.

 I did manage a few minutes .. when I went to get the washing off the line ..
I kinda potted up the polyanthus I bought .. they will be glad of a bit more root room .. but they are rather bunged in.

All bright and cheerful ..!
They are in an old 'soil' bucket .. not really a topic of conversation you would want to encourage around the dinner table.
Soil buckets were used to collect the waste in toilets and emptied often by 'night soil men' who would go around the streets with a cart collecting the waste... nice job!
Or in our case .. living in the wilds of the countryside .. Dad would empty it in a special pit he had dug ..
Yes ..
The joys of modern plumbing...!

On that note ... nite nite x

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Sniffles .. A Changearound .. And A Touch Of Fine Linen...

 Hello there ..
I'm afraid its all a bit yucky yucky here .. we've got the dreaded flu that's been going around.

I must say we have been lucky .. and avoided it for the last couple of years so .. perhaps it our turn.
So its a case of sitting it out .. letting our bodies fight the blessed little germs .. with lots of hot drinks and snugly blankets .. not that Hubby P does the snugly blankets thing .. being a man he rages against the 'blessed germs' that dare invade him .. and gets a touch cross ...!

Anyway .. enough of that .. boring being under the weather ...

Something nice and pretty to show you ..

I had a bit of a change around in the sitting room.

 I quite like these Barbola mirrors ... but they tend to be on the expensive side .. but Hubby P .. bless him .. has.. over the years been buying them for me when 'they are a reasonable price' .. 
they may have a chip or two .. but I don't mind. 
Its all part of their life .. their story.

Last week he found me the big squarish one at the back.

For those of you who don't know .. Barbola refers to the decoration .. flowers usually .. around the edge of the mirror. Barbola paste was bought ready made in tins .. people bought it and decorated all sorts of things with it .. like picture frames .. little boxes .. made jewellery .. you get the idea. It was air drying .. I think it was a kind of early plastic based paste.

Anyway .. now I have a little collection of  Barbola mirrors .. I thought it would be nice to display them together.

 I've given the old mule chest a bit of a polish and set them on there .. I think it could do with a nice tallish vase of flowers .. where the little plant is.
 But this will have to do for now ... I think seasonal blooms will be nice throughout the summer ..
roll on summer!

I have shifted all my amethyst geodes (that were on the mule chest) .. and grouped them together by the window  ..
That's a down side of having such a small house .. not much room to display treasures ... 
mind you .. really .. how many 'treasures' does a Girl need..!

As for work .. it still goes on ...
I've been sorting this pretty little lot over the weekend .. so lovely .. and such amazing skill in the making .. these Victorian needlewomen were so amazingly talented.

There is quite a bundle of these linens .. so I have sorted it into lots and popped a few on eBay ...
 they really do need an appreciative home.

Lovely jubley stuff ... 

Well .. time for another hot lemon and honey .. 
hope you are all keeping well ... hold on to the thought of that sunshine .. it must be just around the corner..

 ...unless of course you are toasting yourselves down under in Australia or the like .. 
and if you are .. send us a bit of the warm stuff...

Bye for now xx

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Buttons .. Glittery Bits .. and All Thats Random ....!

Hello there ..
thought I would drop you a line ..
My pretty Hellebore's are lasting well .. still flowering their socks off ... 
but its cold and wet ... and dull and dreary here .. a day for huddling indoors ..
 so I attempted to sort the 'button mountain'

I have a heap of button tins that Hubby P has collected from house clearance and what not.

 Its my job to go through them .. nice enough job ..
 just a bit overwhelming when I let the tins stack up.

I sort through the buttons ...a fascinating insight into someones life .. bits and bobs kept from important events .. Uniform buttons .. buttons cut off baby garments .. odd earrings .. the odd wedding favour .. keys .. old brooches ... 
and of course pins .. needles and other sharp bits that I have to remove for safety's sake.

I try and sort them out into various categories .. 
the obviously vintage buttons go in one tin .. these are sought after by people making vintage inspired garments/craft work .. and people who are active in re enactment groups and have costumes .. uniforms and the like .. and they need to 'find an odd missing button' or replace the whole lot of buttons with something similar from the same era.

I also save all the little pretty pearl like buttons .. the sort that are used on Wedding dresses .. lots of people asking for these .. I do think more and more people are trying to re use vintage dresses .. and these little buttons are easily lost in the rough and tumble of life.

The more 'everyday' sort of buttons .. the ones used by the knitters for cardigans and whatnot .. are bagged up (if I can find enough of the same sort to use on a garment ) and these are put in the 50p a bag box.
Cheap and cheerful ... 
I have a lot of ladies who knit for charity so they always have a good rummage to see if there's a bag they could use ..

 How about these .. glittering away like diamonds ...
I found these in a rather grubby bag  .. gave them a good soak in a bowl of soapy water and drained them in the colander.
They are the 'dingle dangles' from an old chandelier .. very pretty .. someone somewhere will be missing a few of these ..
Or .. maybe .. someone will want a few for their craft project.

I must say .. I do meet some interesting people .. just everyday sorts of people doing all sorts of interesting .. exciting  things.

I wanted some nice outdoorsy pic's for you .. but its a bit wet and miserable for that ..
So here are some of last weeks finds .. I took the pic's for eBay.. that was yesterdays job .. listing for eBay ... think I would rather sort buttons

Pretty lot of white linen .. surprisingly I still come across this  ..
 I suppose the nice .. good quality stuff will have been treasured and cared for over the years .. its the more everyday utility items .. like aprons and whatnot .. the things that will have been used until worn out and thrown away .. that are harder to find in good order.

How about this for a pretty label ...
 I know you love a nice old label ..!

 It belongs to this nice old blanket .. so soft .. all mohair .. how unusual is that. 
I'm sure it will look just fine as a throw on the back of someones sofa .. nice to snuggle with.

I thought a Girl deserved a bit of brightness .. so I bought  myself these .. 
rather on the bright and colourful  side .. 
 I just need a respite from the drizzle to venture out and plant them up.

And Hubby P ....?

Well ... not a lot stops Hubby P .... he plays out in the rain ..!

(actually I think he is making pine benches .. tucked away in his workshop)

Been a bit of a random  post today .. but its all a bit random here ..
hope you have enjoyed the pic's and the wittering .....

Take care .. bye for now ....x