Sunday, 24 January 2010

Random Crafting Session - Thrifty Snippets! Gift Boxes!

Hope you all had a good weekend!
We had a good one, I found one or two nice things at the Carboot sale, I will take a few photos tomorrow then I can show them to you. And we've had a little visit to B&Q to buy supplies for the suitcase project. I don't think Hubby P just understood how pressing the 'Project' was/is, so I think he was a bit 'surprised' (miffed) when I said 'right then what do you need to make this happen' and flashed the cash.
He was ok when we got home and I had imparted some of my 'enthusiasm' to/on him! We made a start pic's to follow!
Thrifty Snippets ! this week I had bit of a bad week - I have a trapped nerve in my neck, and it flares up every now and the - usually when I have been doing something that I shouldn't - that includes lifting, carrying, stretching, hoovering, digging - the list goes on and on - soooooooo boringgggg!!! A Girl has got to live!
Anyway it meant I had to have a couple of quiet days just sat, keeping warm and crafting, so I thought I would cover some old boxes to make gift boxes. With the idea that most of the gifts I give this year should be Thrifty homespun delights - far more thoughtful and personal I think, I thought a nice unusual, pretty box would be nice.
So here are few rather random pic's -
Covering a rather large hat box with 'scraps' from an old children's book - I just paste them down with PVA glue'

The Christmassy box I just gave a coating of PVA to strengthen and give a shine to.

This is an old Harrods box - I picked it up somewhere, but I didn't want to use it with Harrods written all over it! So I covered it in scraps from a children's book, you can see inside the lid is a pretty picture of some lovely ladies!

The round drum shaped box was a peppermint box, I removed the Peppermint label from the top and covered it in scraps of music paper - equally acceptable for a lady or gent!

The Harrods box has pretty people on the outer lid too, and fairies on the sides.

I shall put them away in my Gift Drawer, ready for the next gifty occasion.

You can see the Harrods pattern, pretty, but my homespun gifts although of a similar quality are unique to me, and specially made for my loved ones - so a special pretty box is needed.
What crafty/thrifty things have you been up to, leave me a comment - don't let me babble on and on, its nice to know who's listening!
xx Bye for now xx