Friday, 11 April 2008


Look what greeted me this morning - all pretty and pink!
This is my wonderful PIF gift from Josie at

I knew she made Pegbags - Oh what wonderfully pretty pegbags, I am so thrilled - Thankyou Josie Ssoo much! Of course it is far too pretty for mere pegs - and it might get grubby if its taken outside, so I think I might keep my Vintage lace in it, hang it somewhere where it can look pretty!
And the little heart pomander smells Davine - now we know what you did with all that scrummy lavender you grew last year. I do so love lavender - its so Lavender and Lace-y if you know what I mean.
I have put the pretty little watering can amongst my orchids - so cute, You really have spoiled me!

Phew - what a day! - before I even start my daily doings!
The sun was shining - a bit so I thought I would take the camera with me as I did my outside chores, the garden is awakening and profusion of the different shades of green always refreshes my senses.

This is my little outdoors fireplace I built it from some random stone we had lying around, I banked the soil up around the back, so the big garden bed backs right on to it. It is part of a sort of sunken circle in which I have my lounger - in summer - to sit in the sun, and in the evening we can light the fire and enjoy a glass of wine, toasting our toes!
We had a little fire to Bring in the New Year - we needed coats on as well but it was a nice quiet, special time to share with my loved one.
On an ordinary boring day I use the fireplace (as today) to burn all the stuff that can't go in the Recycling - old bank statements, anything with addresses on and whatnot. It seems its so easy to get caught out and ripped off with these fraudsters. Only last week someone had a free holiday on Hubbys credit card - somehow they had used his details to book a holiday - He nearly fell off his chair when he saw his Statement (Quite funny really! - him having a rant! - and the air was blue!). Its sorted now and he got his money back, but it just shows how easy it is. So needless to say I am more vigilant than ever - many bonfires!!

This purple broccoli is almost too pretty to eat, and I love the baby blue of the Forget me Nots!

The first Bluebells in a damp woody part of the garden - I always think there is something magical about them - truly faerie flowers!
Meet the 'Ladies' a motley crew of misfits! Who eat me out of house and home!

We have a gang of seven at the moment, they come to us from allsorts of people and places, some have just wandered into the garden, or been an unwanted nuisance.
They live happily (I think!) with us - producing an egg when they are in the mood! Untill they fall off their perch - literally and we bury them in the garden. Not a bad life! If they have any worries its got to be - not getting enough Chinese Take-a-ways ! They absolutely love Chinese food! ( maybe its all the additives - I've just thought Hyperactive Chickens!!)

They have 'obliged' with a few eggs today!


  1. it looks like your having fun in the blog world! and extremely busy in the real world! I'm glad you've found an outlet for your creative talent!! Its fun isn't it? Thank you for your kind comments! I've got a million more to hardly any time now! I'm sorry i never continued the competition, i couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do! You'll have to show me the next time I come to visit next! x x

  2. and the eggs are amaaaazing from those well fed chickens!!! x

  3. You're very welcome I'm glad eveything arrived okay and very pleased that you like them! I always wonder if people like what I make, by the way you are only the 2nd person in England to have that design and yours has the matching pomander! Josie x

  4. Oh, I would love to keep chickens, but really haven't got the room.

    I love your garden

    April xx

  5. Ohhh lovely peg bag. your chickens look so sweet, lovely garden too.
    Have a great weekend.
    Twiggy x

  6. If you lived nearer I would let you have some of last nights tea for the chickens (Chinese)! Someone used my credit card to buy a National Express ticket, not so glamorous as a holiday!

  7. How pretty your garden looks, and I just love hens so very much, they are just great with children, no biting or scratching like some the brilliant bonus of eggs, my hens always liked the odd carrot.
    Your peg bag is so pretty I think it is such a good idea, to put lace in it, it will keep it tidy too. Sorry I have not been in touch I have been poorly...I'm ok now though
    Hugs Lynn xx

  8. The peg bag is adorable, much too cute to store clothes pegs in. My son would love to own your chickens, he's driving us mad for some.


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