Monday, 10 December 2012

Break Out The Chutney.....

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 Time to break out the chutney ... yes indeedy...its that time of year... a girl needs a bit of chutney on her cheese on toast.

I made this beetroot and apple chutney a while ago ... made from some 'use it up beetroot' from Colin the veg and ... well.. whatever I could find in the cupboards.
So it was a bit of a ... 'lets see what it tastes like' moment ....
and  Yes indeed ...its very good.

Dear Hubby P has spent the morning ... and it is His Birthday! ... shifting a piano ... and other heavy things ... so cheese on toast for lunch was just the job.  

 We've been treating ourselves to this lovely crust grain-y bread ...not cheap ... but the deal is ...if we have this bread (rather than cheaper stuff) we cannot spend on other things like fancy yogurts.
And its good bread ... good wholesome stuff ... good for us ... good for our
....and ...makes scrummy cheese on toast.

The only drawback I find is the amount of seeds/grain that fall off the top of the loaf ... I collect them in a little tin ...well waste not want not.

 I mix them with a handful of Approved Food cheapie suet and put it out for the birds...
Isn't bird food getting expensive ...its costing a fortune. 
I've stopped buying the peanuts. 
I'm afraid they will have to live off staples like the rest of us ....crusts and crumbs and the odd fat ball if I can find them cheap enough.

I have a good order coming from Tesco ...I used that double your money Exchange thingy and bought a whole load of frozen veg.
Not something I have ever done before ...I don't use frozen veg as a rule ... fresh has always been readily available ....and cheap.
Remember the days when veg was used to 'fill you up' ... a good cheap standby ... I fear those days are gone.
So frozen veg it is ....its a bit cheaper ... and will bulk out the meals.
I had a good sort out of the freezer to make room for the order.  

Pulled out a few odd bags of veg I had chopped and frozen ... a couple of bits languishing in the fridge..

And made a pan of soup ....nice with a lump of that crusty bread.

How are your soup days going ... what do you find is cheap and tasty for a soup? ...I put a few lentils in with mine ... I'm afraid I always end up buying the same thing ... I fancy something different ...but I don't know what. 

And as for the cat ....well about making yourself at home!