Thursday, 10 April 2008


I picked the winners of the 'Pay It Forward' out of a hat on Wednesday ~ sorry I'm a a bit late posting the winners, I am just having a bit of trouble with my hands ( an on going problem that comes and goes - more a nuisance than anything, makes typing, sewing and whatnot difficult -boring!), anyway I'm here now :-----
Winners are:-
Twiggy at ~ The World Of
Lucy at ~ Lucy Locket Recycled Her
April at ~ Cake Makes The World A Better Place.Blogspot.Com/
If you would like to Email me your address I can send off your little goodies!
~ A New Member of the Household ~

I found this little Darling abandoned in am old rusting 'Quality Street' tin, at the Car Boot Sale ~ just had to bring her home.
She must be quite old, but in remarkably good condition. She has a china head, and her arms are pipe cleaners holding a bell (it even rings!) and a little stick to chime the bell.
I know she is supposed to be Christmassy ~ but I will keep her around for a bit and giving her a bit of Loving!

I think she is so pretty! I wonder how old she is? anyone got anything similar, or know about dating things like this?


  1. Wow thanks honey. I will email my address to you. By the way love the angel, she's so cute. Can't wait to see your home, I bet it's full to the rafters with lovely things isn't it? Sorry to hear about your hands, it's so frustrating when the spirit's willing but the body just isn't listening - grrr.
    Twiggy x

  2. Sorry about your hands, what a pain for you. I don't know about the little angel but I'd guess 30s from the face.

  3. Thank you so much for picking me! I'm sorry your hands are letting you down at the moment - hopefully they will get better quickly. I will email you my address. Lucy xx

  4. Thank you so much for picking me!!

    I can't email through Outlook, (it doesn't like my system for some strange reason!) so if you email me, at - I will let you have my address.

    Thanks again!!

    April xx


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