Friday, 3 October 2008


Winter must be on its way! Hubby P has taken to wearing his Thermals!!
This is a photo of him last Christmas (beards been taken off now! thank goodness!) I bought him these red flannel long johns - with 'bum flap' - just like the 'Old Timers' on the Westerns!
There are other photos of him, but they are - shall we say 'indiscreet'- before he managed the flap buttons!
Anyway - busy busy here! I decided it was time to put the heavier, warmer Winter curtains back up at the windows.

We can then draw them against the cold blustery weather, and snuggle around the fire!

Gave all my sparkly bits and bobs a wash too, I love lighting the candles and watching the flames flickering amongst my gemstones!

I have quite a collection of Amethyst.

Just love the deep rich purple.
Hubby P treats me to a new stone every now and then - 'its my one weakness'!!

Have a good Weekend!