Thursday, 1 April 2010

And Lo There Was A Miracle!! (or maybe we just got it wrong!)

Well - its that time of year - Easter, special to many people, and a time of miracles.
Well we have our own here in the Allsorts garden - or more likely we were mistaken and jumped to conclusions, putting ourselves through agonies!
To celebrate Easter and all that is just lovely, bright and beautiful - and Spring 'Just Must' be here soon - here for you lovely readers are a few of our Daffs picked this morning.
Lovely just!
And the cause of our celebration, our very own miracle - Geoffrey lives!!
Ohhhhh how happy is Hubby P!

This is Geoffrey tonight - on usual form pinching peanuts.

We have decided that the unfortunate dead mouse we thought was Geoffrey must have been a visiting cousin - most probably Stanley, always to be known from now on as 'Unfortunate Stanley'.
Hubby P had toyed with the idea that Stanley was known for his fighting prowess and had been intent on taking on the evil that was/is Charlie Cat - somewhat Jihad style - but there is no video evidence of this, and Geoffrey is not forthcoming with any information. So it is still all a puzzle. The only sure thing is that Unfortunate Stanley lies still and cold under a pot of daffs.

Here is Geoffrey peanut in his mouth taking it back to his nest.
Hubby P tells me he is certain this is Geoffrey, earlier he sat in the treehouse munching away on a peanut - quietly communing with Hubby P, they have a very Man-ley/Mouse relationship!

With a flick of his tail he was gone back to his nest!

I've been having a night with Judy Garland - Hubby P found me two of her LP's at the carboot sale on Tuesday.

Lovely romantic - slushy stuff! but what wonderful stuff - she had a lovely voice and can knock spots off her daughter Liza Minnelli. You can however hear the similarity in their voices - I suppose that's because they are Mother and Daughter - dough!!

Time i went to bed! All this excitement with Geoffrey is too much!

xxx Take care xxx