Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Thrifty Ways and Waifs and Strays!

Hello there .... Here's to a happy, sunshiny ... contented 2011!
Notice I didn't say prosperous or rewarding... I think we are all going to have to be more frugal than ever.... but hey....what the heck...we are all here to help and support each other, hopefully we have our health and with a bit of luck we may get a bit of sunshine....soon!
Best and Brightest and Cheery Wishes to you all.....I'm determined to step into this new year with a positive attitude.
Frugally Snippets.... well the dark damp days have me huddling by the fire, too cold to sit in the other room where my sewing machine is. So I set about hand turning the edges of some towelling fabric I had put aside for teatowels.

I don't know about you but I seem to go through teatowels like nobodies business. They soon get stained and go raggy.

So this jazzy pink towelling was used to be a curtain... in the bathroom, if you remember...well I got fed up with it as a curtain, gave it a good boilwash and put it aside for teatowels.

I found this super sexy retro-y paisley towelling too ... twas a pair of curtains, just love this fabric, so it too became a couple of teatowels then I can see and use it daily!
Of course to try and recoup the some of the pennies spent on feeding the fabric addiction, I put a couple of the teatowels on ebay ... you never know someone might appreciate them.
Another project....this time to use up a bagful of those little skeins of tapestry wool, all oddments... not enough to really use in a tapestry project so I'm in the process of crocheting them into one of those twirly whirly scarves. I can put it away when its done....a little present for someone next winter.

Take no notice of Charlie Cat....he commanders all the furniture....and refuses to move, or even open his eyes when in the middle of a photo shoot!!

The Family has grown again..... how could we refuse a crust and a warm fireside to these Waifs and Strays!

Found at the carboot sale looking lost, abandoned and unloved!

This is Mummy Bear with her pretty little dress and sparkly necklace.

And a well loved little lady.....hand stitched no doubt with great love for some special little Girl.

I introduced her to Mucky you remember Madge, she too was a carboot waif. They are getting on fabulously, lots in common.
I think maybe we will find a new home for the new girl....the toy shelf is getting rather full of the 'waifs'.... but at least she's not ending her days in Landfill.

Mummy Bear on the other hand has fallen right on her feet..... and right into the arms of the
resident Hero!
Remember Sam?

Sam was also a 'Waif' and became my companion and co pilot extraordinaire, he travelled everywhere with me in the car. One night some 'naughty boys' stole the car and set fire to it. Sam was in it and helped beat out the flames to save what he could of my much loved Morris Minor car.
As you can see he still has the scars and injured arm. He received a bravery medal which he wears with pride on his waistcoat.
Well.......!? He and Mummy Bear!!!! What can I say!
I'm telling myself the twinkle in his eye is one of support and friendship ....but you and I know what these 'All Action' men can be like!
Chin up ...... I'm sure some sunshine will be on its way soon!
xx Take care xx