Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tickling the Garden Soil....And the Tastebuds!!

A bit photo heavy this Post...but I've got to give you something to look at....its a bit grey and bleak out there.....Spring 'Must' be around the corner!

Look what I found peeking out from the cold earth.....Isn't she pretty!
The first Snowdrop....and if you look closely lots of green shoots.....the garden is coming back to life......its enough to make a Girl smile on a wintry day.
I managed an hour or two in the garden on Wednesday....just giving the beds a bit of a 'tickle'....

Giving the soil a turn over and general weeding/clearing of overgrown areas.

The Spring bulbs and whatnot are on their way...but I think I will look out for something bright and cheerful to liven things up a bit....maybe some pots of daffs or something (whatever is going cheap really)... I am in need of some flowery loveliness.

Clearing the veg beds I found some Elephant Garlic growing in a neglected corner, I must have missed an odd bulb/clove and it had divided and spread. So I carefully split and transplanted the bulbs to give them a bit more room....hopefully they will grow on and give us a tasty meal or two.
Elephant Garlic is a larger than life version of the regular garlic, but milder in taste. Nice to roast the whole thing with some peppers and tomatoes...yum!

Liz the chicken was out and a hand with the digging.
And this afternoon....
.....Well I was feeling a bit alone....Hubby P having to go away for a few days ... it always feels a bit strange....I often feel we don't live in the 'real world' and fear the he might come to some harm in the 'big bad world'....very silly I know...he's a very capable, grown man....but there we are....silly me.
So......lets make cake! ....its got to be a cure all!

Look at these yummy oats ....healthy stuff (well it is until I mix it with lashings of butter and syrup!)

But how nice are flapjacks......who just loves flapjacks...full of healthy oats!

And what about this.. gloriously yummy does this look....who discovered treacle? fabulous stuff!

Maybe I went a bit mad with the quantities.....that's an awful big Gingerbread....Oh shucks...we'll just have to eat it up with custard on it!

Must admit I got absorbed in a book and forgot about the is a bit 'brown' on top, but Richard has eaten three pieces....just to check its OK.... just how yummy is Gingerbread!
So we have cake to fortify us....and nice, rich dark, turned over garden beds...So...what have you been up to?
xx Take Care xx Bye For Now xx