Friday, 4 April 2008


Ever have one of those days when you think quite possibly you have stepped into 'Country Living Magazine' style living. When ladies spend all their days either creating wonderful crafts/food/gardens and happy healthy families - never an ironing basket/mountain to be seen?
Well I had one today -didn't even put the washing machine on!
I finally made time to repair and paint my garden seat - summer is nearly upon us folks!

And played about with throw and spare cushions 'a la' Country Living! Last years cushions were so grubby after the dog had run off up the garden with them, I put them in the dustbin!
I must find some more interesting ones at the car boot sale - a girl cant have too many cushions!

Yes! these cushions definitely look too Bedroom-y! if you know what I mean.

Here's a little photo of the Toadstool panel thingy I started last week.
As you can see its turned into a little cushion, with the help of a bit of sexy pink silk! I put a little rose petal scented sachet in there too.

I even had time to make some biscuits - found a great blog (if you are into Green/thrifty stuff ) - take a look, great recipe. I found this really easy
basic biscuit recipe, just had to try it! So easy - I cant do with fiddly complicated recipes. I put peanut butter in the mix - yummy! I tell you Domestic Goddess or What - today!

Now for the germ of an idea!
As I stood at my kitchen sink - Yet Again! I was idly wondering how many hours we must spend stood in this very spot. We must spend more hours looking at the view from the kitchen window than any other!
So I took a photo of my window view, and thought it would be interesting to see what other bloggers saw as they did their daily chores. Would it give an insight into others thoughts and ideas? I know my mind turns to idle creative thought whilst I do something as mundane as washing up! Perhaps it will be interesting - or are we just nosey!
Do you want to take up the Kitchen Window Challenge?

Window view - my little Summer House at the top of the garden, the garden is just comming to life, all those fresh green colours. Lovely


  1. If I had read your blog 2 hours ago I would have taken a photo, but now it's getting dark!

    I will do it tomorrow if the weather is good, I thinks it a really good idea.

    Vanessa x

  2. Oh me too - I'll take one tomorrow!

  3. Hi Vicky
    Now if I take a photo from my lounge it's a stunner, if I take one from my kitchen I'm looking directly into my neighbours kitchen which is always depressingly tidy. Also my neighbour is married to a very lovely big fella who sometimes walks around with his top off, I might get arrested if they catch me taking pics of him - lol
    Love your garden seat and that cushion is fabby!! Get some made and on Etsy lady
    Twiggy x
    PS We're getting replacement fishys tomorrow.

  4. Oh I dont know Twiggy -think you are lrtting the side down a bit - we could all do with a few chosen pics of a hunky fella! lol!!
    Good luck with the fish!
    x Vicky x

  5. Yes I'll try and do it this week..good idea!Sal;-)

  6. your kitchen window view is lovely, I've got a photo from our back door, does that count? Josie

  7. will brought some of your biscuits up to preston at the weekend when he came to visit alice. they were so nice and very tasty and more-ish! thank you for baking them. dx.

  8. Your bench is great! I have never seen one like that and I have to say that I actually like your cushions on it. Bedroomy or not they do say summer, flowers etc. I too will take a photo out of my kitchen window but I will need to clean it first! Not because I am a lousy housewife but because the dust from the building work is everywhere and the photo may look like a sand storm is taking place!


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