Thursday, 11 November 2010

Frugal Food ~ Scratch Meal!

I gathered together all the odd bits and bobs - nothing to be wasted!

Cheap and cheerful - instant mash ( Hubby P's favorite - can't stand it myself, so I just make up half a packet for him - thus half a packet in the cupboard) ~ half a packet of stuffing mix ~ tail end of a sorry looking cabbage, shredded ~ bits of peppers ~ an odd potato ~ shrivelled garlic cloves ~ and a couple of onions.

Fry up onion peppers garlic, quick boil potato and cabbage, mix together stuffing and mash with knob of marg and hot water.

Drain and mash cabbage and potato, mix everything together with a tbsp of flour.

Make little little balls of mixture, put in a roasting tin with oil and flatten balls (patties?) slightly with back of a spoon. Roast in oven turning to brown both sides.

Serve with the last of the salad - or in Hubby P's case baked beans.
And very tasty it was too!

The North Wind Doth Blow - and Boy Does It Blow!!

Bit windy ere!!...
Well more than a bit - pretty awful, I am so glad I haven't had to go out in it. I hope everyone is taking care out there.
This pesky wind is finding every little nook and cranny which will let a nasty cold draught in the house. I have so many clothes on to keep warm, I can hardly move!
Thank goodness I am lucky enough to have a nice log fire to keep me warm, I dread to think what some poor folks go through if they are homeless, or indeed just cant afford to heat their home.
I'm glad a chose yesterday to do some jobs outside, it was a pleasant day if a bit cold.

The leaves are coming off the trees thick and fast, I no sooner pick up a heap, then the ground is littered with a fresh fall.
Heaps and heaps of them!

I spent some time tidying around the chicken shed, and putting down Rat poison - just seen the odd one, its all part and parcel of keeping hens - the rats are attracted by the food scattered about for the hens.

The 'Girls' are looking a bit worse for ware at the moment - a bit moult-y, shedding some of their feathers.
Here they are enjoying a bit of cabbage.

I gave their quarters a good clean out and put them clean shavings down, all nice and cosy.

Ahhhh bliss! What more could a Girl want ... full tummy and snuggled down in soft clean shavings! Bit like I feel when I slip into a freshly made bed, with a cup of tea on the side and a nice magazine!

A last dash of colour, a fading rose, the pink standing out against the battered looking green foliage! Are we ready for this winter?
I'm off to raid the cupboards now - groceries are down a bit, I need to shop but I can't face going out in this wind. I think it will be a real scrape together meal tonight - real frugal stuff, I will let you know what I manage to cobble together!
xxx Take care for now xxx