Saturday, 27 December 2014

I've Had Enough Of It Now .... Too Much Sitting Around ..Onwards and Upwards With The Thrifty Crusade.!

Hello there ... 
Hope the festive few days was all you had hoped it would be.

We had a nice break .. nice company .. nice food .. all very nice.

(Do you like my pretty Christmas Roses ... a little Christmas Day posy from a Gentleman friend .. blooming like crazy in his garden...)

But to be honest .. I've had enough of it .. there is only so much sitting around a Girl can do ... 
I find it all a bit boring.

 So this morning I took down the Christmas cards .. lots of pretty ones this year .. such a waste just to put them in the recycling bin.

How about a Thrifty Snippet .... not had one for a few weeks ... 
and I know we all love Thrifty Snippets...

 I cut the front of the card from the backs .. 
and any part of the design/picture that lends itself to a Gift Tag shape ... is cut into a gift tag.

I found a bit of odd blue embroidery thread and poked some through the 'tags' ready for attaching to next years gifts.
I only cut a few tags .. enough for next year .. 
And the rest of the scrap card ... backs of cards etc .. any plain blank pieces I keep for my shopping lists and whatnot. 
I find they are an ideal size to slip in my bag .. and sturdier .. they don't crumple up in the bottom of the bag as flimsy paper has a habit of doing. 

Me .. being me .. and a bit 'obsessive' as Hubby P would have it .. or 'careful' ... as I like to think.
I have a list in my hand as I shop and as I put things in the trolley I write the price on my list and add up as I go along .. stiff card is easier to use/write on than paper.

After all I have only so much money in my purse .. my intention was to spend just X amount .. 
so a Girl has to do her sums ... 
or else a Girl ends up in a right pickle with her money ...ha ha!

So Thrifty it is folks .. lets try and hit the New Year running .. with as few a debts as possible ..
New Year.. New start ...

So lets share our Thrifty Snippets .. and aim for a Healthier and Wealthier New Year...