Monday, 19 October 2009

Buttons! Buttons! Buttons!!! How about a button 'Lucky Dip'?

Hello there! All okay? Goooood!
This weekends treasure trove - Buttons!
What is it about buttons? They are just so irresistible, the way they wink at you as you go by, their bright jewel like colours, their dinky little shapes - and Oh - so lovely to run through your fingers - as you scan them for those 'Special Ones'!
Well - I found a whole suitcase full of them!
It was late in the day, at the carboot and the Lady selling them just wanted to go home I think. She was selling them at 20p a card which was very reasonable - but why - Oh why, did I have to ask about buying the whole case full - Well! what can I say - the buttons - they just winked at me!
Needless to say - with a sigh, and a raising of eyebrows Hubby P could be seen struggling with a suitcase of buttons (whose zip had broken) to the van!
I paid £10 for the lot - and I mean a lot - really and truly -How Many Buttons Does A Girl Need? But there again 'Need' doesn't really come into it does it!

They are all Vintage but 'as new', unused still on their original cards. The cards themselves are so Vintage-y and cute - just nice to display (well I do have lots to use up - somehow!).

And there are a lot of cards of buttons - approx 1000 - and yes I did count them!, Hubby P thinks I am mad (well that's not new - really) but I just 'Need to Know' how many - you know what I mean?

They are all so delightful, I had great fun going through them and sorting them into piles of the different makers (and counting them!). Mind you it was taking such a long time Hubby P decided he would help me - well that's what he said, but you know he was just as enthralled with their colours, shapes and sizes (I dare'snt say prettiness) as any three year old!

Now he is quite an authority on shape, colour, weight and makers name, and indeed place of manufacture - another string to his bow!
You can see in this last photo some of my favorites, the big pink square ones are incredibly sparkly, real fairy pink!
And so my friends! how about a share in this lovely button-y treasure trove?
If you would like to leave me a comment - you know the sort of thing -'My Name Is ------. And I Am A Buttonoholic'................. and next Monday I will pull two names out of a hat and send the lucky two a goody bag of buttons each.
xxx That's all for now Folks xx Take care xxx

Steak pie to make for tea - I promised Hubby P!