Thursday, 13 March 2008

Hello! Anybody out there???

I promised myself I would take a deep breath and dive in! - so I did and here I am ! I've been an avid reader of all your Blogs for so long, I hope I can contribute to the fun !
As you can see from the 'About Me' bit, I live in Wales its a beautiful place, just feels a bit isolated when the weather is bad.The Children (all men!) have grown and gone - all but one, he keeps coming and going.
At the moment I am a bit house bound, having had an accident earlier in the year so blogging has kept me interested, and inspired my creative urges. Unable to work I have used the time wisely- Ha ha! - spent my time dolling about playing with my heaps of vintage fabrics. I collect all vintage type things to do with sewing, and do all my sewing on an old vintage treadle machine it takes a bit longer, but I feel it gives that authentic finish to my handmade goodies.

My work area is in the conservatory bit of the cottage, its always a bit of a mess, but I like to have all my things to hand and on show, it gives me ideas ans inspiration! At least that's my excuse!
At the moment I am making some little fabric Easter bags, decorated with a bit of lace for my nieces. I will fill them with chocolate eggs and some fluffy little Easter chicks I bought off Ebay ( Isn't Ebay just wonderful!).
I bought some chocolate bunny lollipop moulds -off Ebay too. I will make some of these for the lads - you are never too old for a bit of Easter chocolate! At least today it has been a bit warmer, ( the storms we have been having here in the UK have been awful) and the birds are singing! Spring must be on its way! I