Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Time To Break Out The Mincemeat ...and Darling Lamps

Hello there ... how are you this evening?

I'm trying to do a bit of this ... in the mad hurly burly of this frenetic festive season.
Although I must say ... there were fewer people about at the car boot sale today... mind you it was absolutely freezing. 
The wind cut through you like a knife ... still we saw some regular faces and made a little money... and it was nice to stop and have a chat.
 For some of the older people its their weekly trip out ... they come to the boot sale... go to get their supermarket shop and home ... until the next week.
They were very brave coming out in this cold weather. 

 I could resist no longer ..... and broke out the homemade mincemeat.  
Lovely mince pies all round ...I'm afraid they don't last long in this house.
How are you doing ... have you made your first batch of mince pies yet?


And .... to delight you ....look what I treated myself to today...

A lovely pair of the most sumptuous pinky pink lamps I ever saw.

Not the best picture I'm afraid ... I simply popped in a bulb and plugged them into the nearest socket to make sure they were working .... and marvel at their pinkness! 

 The body of the lamp is made from glass .... a lovely soft pink colour with gold touches.... I was taken with them straight away.

But .... it was very early in the morning and still dark (on an outside stall)...so I was very good and waited until it was daylight ... I then rushed into the ladies (um .... powder room?*) to retrieve my spending money ...from under the layers of clothes I was wearing... and have a count up to see if I had enough pennies.
I thought it would be a bit indecent ... not to say shocking!.. to start stripping off amidst the stalls.. in the hunt for a few stray pounds!

Hubby P wouldn't bat an eyelid but other people ... well ...they can be a tad sensitive.

In the daylight  I could see they were in excellent condition and just as pinkly perfect as I had hoped for .... I handed over my saved up money and stashed them safely in the van.

Here you see the other lamp in the bedroom ... where they will live (once I get the electrics sorted out )
  ... shining their 'happy' pinky warming light over us

Delighted as I am I can see it causing issues with Hubby P and finding socks and whatnot in the early mornings ...

But a girl just has to have some nice things.... just to cheer her. 

Mind you ... just look at my splendid ... cheerful... jolly flowers.
A gift from some friends ... how nice is that!

So whats cheering you ... whats bringing a smile to your face despite the chilly weather?