Friday, 23 April 2010

Marsh Marigolds of Childhood, bags and Bunnies!

Hello there lovelies! Hope you've all had a nice day!
The sun has been shining here on Anglesey - dare we hope summer is on the way!
Ahhhhhh Marsh Marigolds - or king Cups which ever you prefer.
My pond is coming alive with the glorious buttercup yellow flowers. They are so special to me, every time I have moved house I have taken a cutting of them, they remind me of my childhood home.
We were brought up on the wild Pennine moorland of Lancashire, it could be a wild inhospitable place during the Winter months, a cold somewhat grey landscape where Spring came rather late. I would wander the fields all year round looking for the subtle changes that herald the changing seasons. Marsh marigolds grew along the banks of the many streams and were amongst the first, with a real blaze of colour.
I remember gathering them by the armful, huge bunches of fresh, cheerful golden cups!
Forever they will mean home to me.
So - what have you been up to ?
I've not been just lazing in the sun - its not just warm enough yet.
Sewing as always, has been on the cards. I found a nice bit of fabric at the carboot. A lady had been making curtains for her 'shabby chic' room, and had a length of fabric left over - it was pretty so I bought it - know of a better reason?
It screamed out 'Bags'!! to me so I had a couple of days making some simple tote bags - I thought they would do as Gifts - or whatever.

I thought the fabric looked a bit Cath Kidston-y - so I put a couple on ebay, well - you never know someone might take a fancy to one. I made two sizes - Mother and Daughter? Sad I know - I do these girly things, it must be some kind of yearning in me because I didn't ever have that Mummy and little Daughter thing.

So a heap of bags!
Hubby P is talking about standing/selling at the carboot, so maybe I will try them there as well - or everyone will get one for Christmas!
We hope to stand carboot on Sunday but Hubby P is hobbling up and down like the walking wounded - somehow (goodness knows how he manages it!) he has got a nasty sore on his leg - I've told him 'if he was an old horse He'd be shot by now!'
So maybe hauling boxes for carboot will literally be a step too far!
All is well with everyone else - I think, bunnies are coming on a treat.

They like to have a little snuggle.

They are nicely rounded, nicely chunky - whats not to like. Lets hope I can find some good homes for them in a few weeks.
The Geoffrey's are all well, I've just been watching them come for their supper - bit boring tonight, just bread, peanuts and seed - we had kippers for dinner and I really didn't think the Geoffrey's would appreciate a kipper supper.
Righty ho - nearly bedtime - we are making a determined effort to go to bed earlier - we sit up talking to ridiculously late hours, and I think we need more sleep, especially after this flu we have had.
xxxx Take care for now xxxx