Thursday, 5 February 2009

Just a Big Thankyou for cheering a Girl up!

Just feeling a bit bored and fed up at the moment, its cold and grey - we haven't even any pretty snow!
Muffled up this morning and went outside to feed the chickens and rabbits, and look for some little sign of Spring! Not a lot out there - the Rosemary was bravely putting out a few flowers, and it was trying to snow - the odd flurry.
Soooo, what a nice surprise - the Postman brought me a parcel. Lynn - Gigibird kindly sent me
some nice soft leather gloves to go with my new hat!

They will look so well with my hat, and fit a treat - must think of an excursion, as they say in Larkrise 'Hats -and gloves now! My one weakness!'

Thank you again Lynn - you cheered my day.