Thursday, 3 July 2008


Look at this!!! How exciting! I have been given an old vintage phone that really works - and works well! Its a real 'meaty' sound to it -DRING DRING! it calls - and a body simply has to answer 'Gwalchmai 172! Lady of the house speaking! How may I help you?' - this of course necessitates me being dressed at all all times in twinset and pearls and investing in some RED lippy!
Its so smart - well the kids think I have gone totally mad, but you know what - I don't care!
Carbooty finds!!
Its been so wet its been difficult to get a 'Fix', I think Hubby P has with drawl symptoms, at least I have been able to go to the Tuesday carboot whereas he has to work!
This delightful little number is so cute, embroidered by Phylis M Taylerson, Colchester 1949 (it has a little card inside with these details ) - so nice to have a little history with a 'find'. I wonder what Phylis was doing in - I think it says -Everry Tree Camp, Colchester?

Such a pretty little thing, and the work is beautifully done - I shall treasure it!


More wonderful Gifts!!
Take a look at this - unfortunately the photo doesn't do it justice.
My very special friend Alice ( gave me this very special picture - it was part of her Degree Show work (she is a illustrator). The guy in the picture is my son Will (he's a Tree surgeon - thus the leaves!). She has captured Him sooooo well!
Check out her other work on her Blog - pass her name around - girls trying to get on the career ladder, God knows its so hard these days for young people.

And me and my chickens!
A gift from Inspector Marmalade! - another illustrator friend! She knows I love chickens - I think this was probably something to do with her Show work. Check her out ( ) I am so thrilled that they should think of me!

Ok! The heavy - worryin stuff now!! Prices, Recession, Credit Crunch!!!!!
How we gonna manage? everything is going up and up - I am dreading the increase in electricity - its one of our biggest bills ( we have no gas this part of the Island, and anyway that's going up too!)
So , I've gone back o he War years - they managed then, and its fascinating, how little they had with rationing, and what they did with it!
Hubby P found me this book on his lunchtime charity shop trawl, and I am on the look out for others. I know there is lots on the web, but there is nothing like a good book is there!
I have got back into making bread, I use to do it all the time - but I got lazy! But it is so much nicer, and I worked out that it costs about 25p/per nice wholesome fresh bread, compared to the what - approx £1/loaf at the supermarket! (I know I am so sad!)

The only down side is - You just want to eat great chunks of it - spread with Asdas reduced price butter ( down to 50p over the weekend!) and nothing else! Looking more like the side of a house every day!
Where Do You Get Your Inspiration!!
I was just thinking the other day -as you do! So many people out there with wonderful ideas, where does it/creativity come from.
I know I shamelessly browse books and magazines and often link one idea with another, I collect all these ideas/things I like/ things I would sell my soul for!!! by sticking the pictures in scrap books. I have quite a collection, and they are nice to browse through for ideas.

Here's a little photo of some of the scrap books - nothing fancy as you can see, but in a way I suppose they 'sum me up' - my likes, my wants, my interests, my dreams! When I am dead and gone someone need only look at these to get a picture of this nutty woman living in a tumbly down cottage in deepest darkest Anglesey!!!
Ta Ta for now xx