Saturday, 9 July 2011

Wire and String.....A passion..!.?

Just thought I would share one of my 'Passions' with you today..... I could say 'My One Weakness' but that would be a lie..... too many weaknesses by half!

Wire and String .... on wonderful old rustic.... shabby as they come, spools.... or simply cute little balls of the stuff ... just love it.

This is an old favorite..... no idea what it was used for but its wonderfully bendy stuff.... I made a little 'birdcage-y thingy' from it. The spool has really seen some life ... Oh what tales it could tell if only it could talk.

This was the excitement of the day.... Hubby P came back from 'a wandering' at the Carboot with treasure indeed-y..... just look at this wonderful reel of twine.

'Thought it would do for your .....ummmm.... crafty.. whatnot... thingy's' he said.
Well.....what a prize for a girl.

Its a huge reel of what I think could be, or similar to Baler twine.... twine used for baling hay.... or at least the remains of a reel. It reminded me (took me right back) of hay time when I was a girl. The farmer would trundle the baler machine out of the barn and attempt to 'thread up' the machine with the twine.
Now remember he only does this once a year.... so he has forgotten just which way its done..... the air turns blue.... and in the end the farmers wife comes out of the house to thread the machine..... its a bit like her sewing machine!

As you can see I am getting a little collection together... these are the ones I keep on the windowsill..... just nice to look at.

And this is my special little string tin ... just fab!

I do use this string sometimes for wrapping presents..... it looks so pretty.

So this year.... Christmas presents tied up with baler twine? I think it will look lovely and rustic.... goodness knows what the children will think...

And a little peek inside that sweet little tin.
The string is such a lovely shabby.. old vintage-y rusty red colour.

So ?
I've given you a peek into my obsessive/possessive crafty soul ... what is it you crave, collect.... can't pass in a Charity shop window.
Share your deepest darkest dalliances..... leave a comment so we can all see and share....its nice to know we are not alone in our weird and wonderful passions!

xx take care xx bye for now xx