Monday, 17 May 2010

Pink To Make The Boys Wink!

Hello there! Hope everyone is hunky dory!
Sorry its been a while since the last posting - did you think I had fallen off the edge of the earth?
Well the world has been turning pretty fast for me - where do the days go to? I just seem to have been so busy, but busy in a good way!
Anyway lots of pretty photos on this blog, bits and bobs of the Allsorts doings ---
First and foremost - find of the week, I swear I think I had palpitations when I saw this lovely PINK fabric...... its BRIGHT PINK in 'real life' as it were - photos dimmed it a bit.

This piece is just half of the original piece (I used half for the curtain below) its new unused real retro toweling fabric - I just love the bright jauntiness of it. And all for the princely sum of £2!
I just had to think of something to use it for - so I settled for a razzle dazzle curtain in the bathroom (hides the washing machine).

It looks bright and cheerful - just need a few pink-y things to help it 'settle' and blend into the rest of the decor - I need to go a hunting for some pink bits and bobs, and maybe some pink towels.
Maybe make some facecloths from the same fabric.
Well the greenhouse is coming on well - another lucky find on Tuesdays carboot - it necessitated a quick gettin hold of as the seller was emptying his van. I think it was/is the sort of racking florists use to display their wares. Lovely shabby chic stuff - very me anyway!
Hubby P was pleased - although what a farce trying to fasten it on top of the van - I did make a point of saying to Hubby P how he was getting very good at this loading the van buisness and strapping things on the roof (we do have roof bars) - need everyone to have job satisfaction and happy in their work! lol!

He was happy because it means he doesn't have to build me greenhouse staging from wood - a job less. Still got to finish the sides of the greenhouse - we are hoping some suitable wood will show up - been to the tip this weekend but there was nothing suitable. Something will show up - it always does!

As you can see I have lots planted up.

This other wire staging stuff we picked up on Sunday - it was actually an old 1970's camping/cooking rack, its ideal for holding my buckets of tomatoes.
Does the job! All cheap and cheerful!

Other finds - a wonderful old Aladdin paraffin greenhouse heater for when the nights turn chilly - try and extend the growing season, and a wonderful old metal cupboard to keep my gardening tools and whatnot in. Hubby P will take the legs off the cupboard and then it and the heater should fit underneath a shelf cum 'staging' - more room for plants!

How about this for jolly wheels!!!

Just a £1 - gives me a bit more Independence going round the carboot - I am not supposed to carry things (even a bit of veg in a carrier bag gives me problems) so Hubby P usually hangs around to carry my Treasures. But this wonderful 'Wheelie War Wagon' means I cart my own finds - frees us up a bit. Although It does take a bit of getting use to, I have nearly 'taken out' a couple of young fellas trying to push past me - caught by the ankles with the ol' War Wagon!
Death by War Wagon - or at least a crippling injury!

Cutie Photo....

Baby bunnies are all well grown now and as cute as cute - almost ready for me to find new homes. I've made a 'Baby Bunnies For Sale' sign to put out by the gate - usually we get local people enquiring.

And a few pretty garden pic's..... just because.....

I just love Aliums, and they are the most wonderful rich purple colour.

We seem to have a lot of Stocks this year - maybe I scattered a lot of seed - I can't remember, but they smell heavenly!

And delightful Welsh Poppies - I have trouble growing these, but this little patch comes every year - can't get it to grow anywhere else in the garden though!
xxx Take care for now xxx Bedtime for me xxx