Monday, 4 August 2008


Hi You! Just a little short post! Just wanted to share these with you!
First blackberries of the year! This evening Hubby P and I had a little wander up the lane - just to have a look see how the blackberries were coming along. They are doing nicely, another few days of sunshine and we should be picking well!
We managed to gather a few - enough for a nice crumble, together with a few windfall apples!
The hedgerows are looking really pretty at the moment, lots of flowers and the drying seedpods of past flowering beauties! I gathered a bit of Foxglove seed, and sprinkled it in a pot, try and get some babies for the garden.
I saw this pretty pretty blue scabious and couldn't resist a few stems! But they do look just perfect snuggled in the hedgerow - I should remember to take the camera!

What a nice little wander we had, and right outside our back door! So often we think , to have a good time we have to get in the car.
Really its just a case of slowing down, and looking around us - the little things!

'For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed'
Kahil Gibran.

Bye for now xx