Monday, 7 April 2008

Just to say Hello!

Just to say 'Hello' really, did you all have a good weekend? Find anything nice on your travels? I think the weather was against us really - at least here in the UK - snow, wind and more snow!
I am having such a frustrating day, all my photos are fuzzy and rubbish - they wont load properly on Etsy! you know when you want to get something done and move on to something else! - I decided its no good just keep making things , although we get all the pleasure from that,but I must try and sell some (more funds to feed the habit!) - thus the Etsy fiasco!!
I really wanted to get outside - I have Delphiniums to plant out - did you see Gardeners World? If you did you would know what I an talking about - so inspiring! I've tried and tried to grow them, the slugs usually get them, no matter what I do - but I will try again! Nothing ventured nothing gained! and they were so cheap!
Here are the pics I did for Etsy - load here just fine! can you believe it!
This is the finished 'Faerie Toadstool' little bag, its so cute, even if I do say so myself, I thought if it did'nt sell, it would be nice just hanging on a cupboard door, could hold some of my vintage hankies or something!

Here are just some little brooches -'Faerie Toadstools' again, I really enjoy doing these in front of the TV, I love the bright colours and Fantasy feel to them! Is that sad?

A different one - this is me trying all different backgrounds in the vain hope of producing a photo that looks somewhat reasonable.

This is getting a bit silly - me trying to get a photo of me with another brooch pinned on my hat!
I've given up for now! I will try another day - I have a garden awaiting me!


  1. Those are so cute. I really think the weather is not our friend here in North Wales. Even when it's sunny it's always that washy too light kind of sunny - like a too bright flash. *sigh*

  2. Oh, and gardener's world depresses the hell out of me - they don't have killer slugs, gail force winds and 300 days' rain a year down there. Grrr I'm convinced our growing season is about half of theirs.

  3. They are gorgeous, well done. I love mushrooms, does that make me sound odd? - lol
    Twiggy x

  4. I'm a big fan of Mushrooms too! I just put'Mushrooms' in the etsy header and see what happens. I missed this weeks Gardners World but I planted a Delphinum on Friday! How strange is that!

    Love the Brooches!

  5. I really love those toadstools

    I have slug and snail problems with my sweet peas - nothing worked last year and the little monsters ate the lot - but I will not be defeated by the creepy little horrors so am trying again with copper wire round the top of my planter and will let you know if that works!

    April xx

  6. Thanks for looking in. What lovely things you make. Have had a look at your Esty shop and noticed you have sold an item. A pillow the same as you sold went for £73.00 on ebay a few weeks ago, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the price. Apparantly the fabric is very rare. Hope you got a good price for yours.

  7. your badges are so cute. i think the photo of it on your hat is great and a good place to put a badge! dx.

  8. I've taken your kitchen window challenge, but I've cheated!!! Take a look.
    Twiggy x


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