Monday, 26 October 2009

Love Will Find a Way - Oh and the Button-y Giveaway!

Well Folks - its been a wild and windy weekend here on Anglesey! Well all of North Wales i think - we ventured off the island for a little browse around Porthmadog. A lovely little town, always a favorite with Hubby P - lots of Charity shops!
Here we are - the gruesome twosome - just well - getting blown away, sat watchin the world go by! We had our son and his partner with us - Robert was playing with his new camera, we're normally very camera shy!
And as for the 'Love will find a way' bit - just look what we have! Baby rabbits again!
I thought I was most careful preventing any kind of romance between Billy and Mo, but hey! like they say - love certainly did find its way!

They are just starting to peep out of the nest - I think there are three of them.

So cute! I will keep you posted.

Here's a couple of random carrots that caused gales of laughter from the men of the house! -Honestly! - so juvenile!!
I buy them from a local farmer who himself was apologising to me for the shape of the carrots! You don't get that in Tesco's! Apparently its because they are grown in very stony ground. I don't mind - they are grown organically and they taste darn good!

Weekend-y Treasure!
A couple more bowls of the Better Maid ware, to add to my collection.
Plus another old 'interesting chair' possibly destined for the garden as an 'Artistic; feature! Unless I can find room for it in the house!

The little old Vintage bottle of Cussons Aftershave will sit nicely with the others in the bathroom.

I know its terrible! I have so many collections of all sorts of random things - why I can't stick with one or two I don't know!

But I also bought this!!
When I was a girl I always wanted a musical box - the ones that has a fairy or ballerina that twirled around when you opened the lid.

So - as they say 'Its never too late' - when I espied this I gladly handed over my £2.
I know it looks a bit mucky - I haven't given it a wash yet - but it still woks perfectly, she twirls like a dream to the tune of 'Love Story' - remember the film? Ohhh how we cried!!

She is so cute! Must get on and give her a wash!
And not to be forgotton - The Big Draw, Names in a Hat an all that!
Well I pulled out three ;-
** Funkymonkey
** Serenta
** Sharie - View to a Hill
So well done, If you let me have your details I will get your little Button-y parcels off to you!
xx That's all for now folks xx Take care xx