Thursday, 19 February 2015

Buttons .. Glittery Bits .. and All Thats Random ....!

Hello there ..
thought I would drop you a line ..
My pretty Hellebore's are lasting well .. still flowering their socks off ... 
but its cold and wet ... and dull and dreary here .. a day for huddling indoors ..
 so I attempted to sort the 'button mountain'

I have a heap of button tins that Hubby P has collected from house clearance and what not.

 Its my job to go through them .. nice enough job ..
 just a bit overwhelming when I let the tins stack up.

I sort through the buttons ...a fascinating insight into someones life .. bits and bobs kept from important events .. Uniform buttons .. buttons cut off baby garments .. odd earrings .. the odd wedding favour .. keys .. old brooches ... 
and of course pins .. needles and other sharp bits that I have to remove for safety's sake.

I try and sort them out into various categories .. 
the obviously vintage buttons go in one tin .. these are sought after by people making vintage inspired garments/craft work .. and people who are active in re enactment groups and have costumes .. uniforms and the like .. and they need to 'find an odd missing button' or replace the whole lot of buttons with something similar from the same era.

I also save all the little pretty pearl like buttons .. the sort that are used on Wedding dresses .. lots of people asking for these .. I do think more and more people are trying to re use vintage dresses .. and these little buttons are easily lost in the rough and tumble of life.

The more 'everyday' sort of buttons .. the ones used by the knitters for cardigans and whatnot .. are bagged up (if I can find enough of the same sort to use on a garment ) and these are put in the 50p a bag box.
Cheap and cheerful ... 
I have a lot of ladies who knit for charity so they always have a good rummage to see if there's a bag they could use ..

 How about these .. glittering away like diamonds ...
I found these in a rather grubby bag  .. gave them a good soak in a bowl of soapy water and drained them in the colander.
They are the 'dingle dangles' from an old chandelier .. very pretty .. someone somewhere will be missing a few of these ..
Or .. maybe .. someone will want a few for their craft project.

I must say .. I do meet some interesting people .. just everyday sorts of people doing all sorts of interesting .. exciting  things.

I wanted some nice outdoorsy pic's for you .. but its a bit wet and miserable for that ..
So here are some of last weeks finds .. I took the pic's for eBay.. that was yesterdays job .. listing for eBay ... think I would rather sort buttons

Pretty lot of white linen .. surprisingly I still come across this  ..
 I suppose the nice .. good quality stuff will have been treasured and cared for over the years .. its the more everyday utility items .. like aprons and whatnot .. the things that will have been used until worn out and thrown away .. that are harder to find in good order.

How about this for a pretty label ...
 I know you love a nice old label ..!

 It belongs to this nice old blanket .. so soft .. all mohair .. how unusual is that. 
I'm sure it will look just fine as a throw on the back of someones sofa .. nice to snuggle with.

I thought a Girl deserved a bit of brightness .. so I bought  myself these .. 
rather on the bright and colourful  side .. 
 I just need a respite from the drizzle to venture out and plant them up.

And Hubby P ....?

Well ... not a lot stops Hubby P .... he plays out in the rain ..!

(actually I think he is making pine benches .. tucked away in his workshop)

Been a bit of a random  post today .. but its all a bit random here ..
hope you have enjoyed the pic's and the wittering .....

Take care .. bye for now ....x