Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Lentil Lads!!

Say 'Hello' to the Lentil Lads!
No.... I've not been slacking ... I know its been a while since my last post ... but I've been a tad busy .... just work stuff ... just the boring scraping a crust stuff.
But anyway! ..... the exciting news is that we are to have a 'Special Occasion' in the family .... end of May.
This requires the attendance of a gang of Likely Lentil Lads .... well the request was - something handmade ... a bit different than the usual 'Favours' given to Guests to take home.
So here we are ... the beginnings of the gang ...

Its been a bit of a 'make it up as you go along.... with what you have' .... but then that's how I like to work, bit of a challenge. And then of course there is the whole 'green-y' thing about reuse, recycle, make do and mend etc ... so these little lads are very trendy in their own way.

I found a good piece of rough towelling type fabric for the bodies, made a simple shape and filled them with ..... you guessed it .... Lentils (on offer at Lidl's)..... nice and cheap .. make a nice soup if you are desperate!
I wanted a Beany Toy type of feel to them, and it seems to work a treat ... and as Hubby P says it brings them alive ..... Gives them a Pulse! ..... Yeh I know .. haha ... get it lentils... pulse!

They are all individuals .... like you and I ... no two are alike, some are taking the occasion very seriously and adhering to the dress code ... to the letter!
Others .... well you know the kind.. a bit wayward, a bit funky... they have their own slant on the dress code, it all adds to the colour and the fun.

Here's a bit of a funky guy .... Neville works in advertising during the day .... likes to go clubbing.
Give us a twirl.....

Nice footwork!

As you can see I'm only up to four at the moment ..... had a lentil crisis and had to visit Lidl!
But there will be a whole gang by the time I have finished ..... for the end of May .... so ..
no pressure then!
I'm off to stuff a bunny ...... bye for now!
xxx take care xxx