Friday, 28 December 2012

Just a Quickie .... Back to The Same Old!

  Well  hello there' ... yes indeedy .. a load of old parsnips..

with all the glitz and glitter .. looking a bit sad .. the excitement over ... that's what we are left with...

a load of old parsnips ... big sack full.

It was nice while it lasted, seeing friends and family ....hope you all had a nice time.

It is nice to have time to do a bit of sewing ... I got a few of my cushions made .. here's one odd photo for now, I'll try and remember to take some more. 

I'm struggling a bit ... my laptop is poorly sick and in with Mr Fixit ... so I am using Hubby P's steam operated machine ... so it may be a bit of an odd/bitty post. I'm hoping I get my laptop back soon ...

Just to introduce ...

A few new members of the Allsorts household ... these little cuties were in a box as part of a house clearance .... destined for ... well ...who knows where ...the 'dog toy' box ....Oh heavens.. No!

They were a little grubby ... well loved... so they have had a nice wash and we are just getting to know one another.

No names as yet .. any ideas?   

 And a bit of pretty ... flowers for Christmas ... I do so love yellow roses .. what a treat.

And just look what I found .... being on Hubby P's computer .. and nosing around ...

So ... come on ... tell me ....can you guess which one is Hubby P?
he he..
And how long ago was that! ... gosh he must be old .....ha ha!

But you know what ... thank heaven for Hubby P ... silly shoes an all..

I'll leave you with some more of my pretty sparkly roses ...
take care for now ..