Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Hot off The Press _ Geoffrey Update!!

Just a very quick Geoffrey Update -
Great excitement here at the Allsorts household - Hubby P had been keeping an eye out for Geoffrey, he has been absent from the treehouse for a couple of nights ( Hubby P hadn't seen him) - so a relief to see him tonight.

And whats more - not just Geoffrey, but at least one Geoffrey Junior! Yes! there was Dad, proudly showing his son/daughter the way up to the treehouse and the different food options - we do like to give good service here and offer a varied and nutritious menu! that's if the Collared Doves haven't been and scoffed the lot - they usually show up around Supper time - just before it goes dark.
Hubby P is - as I write this - outside communing with the Geoffrey's - and what hardship that is - you really must know - he has The Man Flu!!!!
Yes! I have to know all about it - repeatedly - So I feel you All Should Too!
Lets just hope he doesn't give it to the Geoffrey's!
Hopefully a more varied and interesting post tomorrow - lots of pic's - visitors gone home, back to 'normal' - although with the Man Flu an all - I will try my best!