Monday, 9 January 2012

A Girl and Her Soap ... and odd Thrifty Snippets..!

Well .... we had a bit of sunshine today ..... I had to scrabble about in my bag for a pair of sunglasses ..... things are looking up!

Hope you've had a nice weekend.

I thought I would show you my soap ..... Ohhh how I love soap...

.... and not just the sweet pretty toilet soap ..... I really love the old solid, chunky brick -like bars of soap that our Grandmothers used.

I picked this 'Perfection' and 'Pinkobolic' soap the other week ......

...! fantastic is that...' REMOVES THE FEAR OF DIRT AND GERMS'... just great!

Hubby P snigger's like a school boy every time he reads Pinkobolic ..... always a silly boy at heart.

The other morning I finished a bottle of shampoo and thought 'what a useful bottle' ... too good to bin.... so I went to put it in the bathroom cupboard to 'store' it. Whilst rooting about in there I came across lots of half full bath foam, showergels etc etc.... bits and bobs that were not going to be used for their original purpose....

So I poured them all into the 'useful' bottle and intend to use it for cleaning the washbasin and toilet .... its soap after all, and leaves a very pretty scent.

Nothing need be wasted.

As you can see I have a little basket of different kinds of Domestic soap .... some plain Fairy, some very old Sunlight and some made in a factory in Accrington (where I went to school)... allsorts of odds and ends.
I use it daily at the kitchen sink .... just as Granmother did.

I do use it because I've got to face the fact that no one ele will want/treasure it when I am gone ... so I may as well enjoy it. I think its the smell off it you know ... brings back memories...

I remember when we were small we had a trestle table and we would fold one leg down to make a slide. This we put in the garden under the washing line. We tied the garden hose to the washing line.... turned on the tap and has a slide under the 'shower'. Grandad had got a wooden box full of blocks of soap .... proberably Sunlight .... I remember it was yellow and very hard... we used this soap to 'grease' the slide ......

...... we were very, very clean children that summer, that the scent of that soap is still with me.

The Pinkobolic smells wonderful .... it was made in Crosfields Warrington ..... anyone remember Crosfields?


On to the everyday .... mundane even .... business of meals.
I have returned to the Thriftyness of Bacon (I kinda went off it for a while).

You really cant beat Tesco's cooking bacon at 99p for 500gms .... I slice it up thinly and store it in a plastic box in the fridge...

There is enough for three meals for the two of us .... under 15p/head/meal

This evening I fried it up with a few mushrooms that were looking a bit tired and new (Tesco Value) potatoes .... tasty.

Any Thrifty tips on the old bacon front .... or soap for that matter .... a Girl cant get enough of nice soap ...!

Ta ta for now x