Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Dreadful, Dreadful News I'm Afraid!

Yes, I'm afraid its the worst! It was bound to happen I know, but its still so awfully sad! The cat Charlie got Geoffrey, there was nothing we could do.
Hubby P is so upset, and angry with Charlie Cat - but he knows really that its just nature taking its course. If Charlie Cat had brought us a nasty dead rat - really what we keep him for, we would be patting him and saying what a good boy he was!
Its us humans that are fickle!
But like I said so sad, I just hope he has left a little family behind, and we may have more Geoffrey's in the garden.

So the Allsorts household is a sad little place today - missing our little friend. Hubby P buried him under a pot of daffs.
We'd had such a good day, Hubby P had the morning off work and came with me to the Car Boot Sale, we got a few nice bits and pieces.

Some nice Shabby Chic pieces.
And this wonderful, delightful musical box - for £3 I couldn't resist.

Just look at the delightful ballerina, she twirls in the most alluring way to the tinkly music of The Blue Danube.

Its mirror had come unstuck,and some of the original manicure tools are missing (replaced with oddments) - I shall look for matching pink ones, everything turns up at the carboot sale eventually!

I simply stuck the mirror back in place with good old PVA glue.

Found this little green boot too - I just thought it sweet.

And laced it up with some pretty pink ribbon - a bit 'Shabby' too perhaps?

An unusual find at the weekend was this plant trough, its part of the vintage 'Better Maid' ware. Its something else I collect, the old blue and green ware reminds me of my Grandparents house, and their overflowing collection of Geraniums.
I think I shall have to find some colourful Geraniums to put in the new trough.

Part of my other collection sits on a shelf in the conservatory, I particularly like the little watering can.

Its awfully cold and wet here today - as I think it is everywhere. Just the sort of day to drink lots of hot tea and get the crafting stuff out.

We have a younger friend staying with us this week - college holidays and all that, so its nice to have someone to share the crafting with. Hubby P still doesn't 'get it' - the crafting stuff - even after all these years - I fear he is a lost cause!
Just as well he's happy trawling ebay for obscure and unusual things!

Zoe's busy covering one of the old vintage cardboard folders I found with a montage'/collage of images with a modern celebrity twist.
I've been lining this little basket with some pretty floral fabric, and of course a few buttons!

This is a bit of an upside down image - the glue sticking the buttons is drying.

And this is the culprit - the cause of much distress to the household.

Of course he's not a bit concerned !
That's all for now folks - back to the crafting!
xxx Take care xx