Monday, 21 April 2008


The sun is shining and its a joy to be out in the garden! This little flower greeted me today, I must say I think it is one of the most precious flowers I have in my little piece of earth!

The photo is not terribly good, but what I am trying to show you is this little 'Lady Smock' flower. I have only this one small clump in an old belfast sink water garden, I treasure it - for the memories it brings each spring.
When I was a girl, growing up in Lancashire, this flower grew in great swathes in the damp springing turf of the moorland. We gathered it in great handfuls as we ran wild - no worries then of being abducted or lost. No matter where we 'adventured' someone , usually some farmer (someones Dad) had seen us, we grew up safe and strong. The flowers of my younger days hold strong fond memories for me. I believe this Lady Smock is now an endangered species, such a shame, so dainty and pretty!
I managed to get the 'Primitive' style bags finished, I really enjoyed having a go at something different. I just hope the lady at the shop ( Lynne at Patchwork Island) likes them. One features a Sheep design, and one a Willow Tree, these are designs familiar to an area in the U States, Pennsylvania I think. They are given the descriptive name of 'Primitive'.

I made a couple of little (with no padding) bags - possibly little gift bags or similar. They were just run up from bits and pieces of fabric that I had left over. No doubt they will find a use/home somewhere!

Just a little pic of the vegetable beds, I think it looks so pretty with the big/tall spires of yellow flowers - its the 'pac choi' gone to flower - and I suppose seed is on its way! Not I suppose very correct - gardening wise! But it looks pretty and we are still eating the leaves.

Not to be out done by Lucy Locket - she has been posting pics of her Allotment soil - Very sexy soil, but soil all the same - so here is some of mine!!
Admittedly its in tubs, but hopefully it will grow wonderful vegetables in the tubs - potatoes, peas, broad beans and lots of other goodies!

Ooops got the photos and text
a bit mixed up - but you get the gist of it!

Ta Ta for now xx


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  2. Hello Again, just to let you know that yes I am a Northern Girl, so pinnies and rain hood are part of the norm here (still are).. I was brought up in Co Durham so lots of cold wet windy weather, my Gran always had a rain hood in her pocket..LOL....
    I love the bags, I had a look at the shop website and have bookmarked it as i will perhaps be having a little shop in there. Is the lady that runs the shop going to sell them for you? Primitive type things are lovely, I could go overboard in having my house looking all prim.
    The soil is lovely by the way, I keep looking out of our windows at our freshly dug over small veg patch.

    Sarah x

  3. lovely bags lady. Well done on the gardening front, we've got a porch full of little seedlings that Twiglet and I planted and a load of them from Grandma Twiggy, we do swapsies every year! I love the sound of your childhood and had a similar one myself. Out all day except for mealtimes and bed - fab!!!
    Twiggy x

  4. Hi lady
    just left you an award on my blog
    twiggy xx

  5. Just tried to leave you a comment, but it wouldn't work - try again.
    What a lovely veggie garden you have, I am rubbish at growing veg, but I'm having another go this year with tatties and beans. Joy

  6. Love the little flowers.It's things like that which brighten up the day !


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