Saturday, 12 June 2010

A Birthday Week and Thrifting Treasures!

What a busy week -
a Birthday Week for me, lots of lovely people popping by and sweetest Birthday Wishes - enough to turn a Girls head!
The sun has mostly shined his little socks off -

Its so nice to be able to hang the freshly ironed shirts outside to air - gives them that lovely 'fresh air-y' scent, its nice to see them wafting in the breeze - an upside to the chore of ironing, not that I do a lot of ironing I'm afraid, just Hubby P's 'tidy' shirts and the odd dress, and of course my best white linen and lace - but that's more a labour of love!
Of course being my Birthday there was a lot of 'eating of cake' and flowers, and gifts to enjoy - a very spoilt Girl I'm embarrassed to say!

The cake was as scrummy as it looks, and don't you just love the pretty rose! Gifts from my Son's - they know me so well!
And how about this intriguing and clever thing - how novel is this - a Geranium in a bottle!
What a lovely original gift from special friends.

I cant wait to see how it grows!

Car boot treasure hunting went ahead as usual - just cant miss the buzz of the car boot sale!
I managed to rescue this old battered mini greenhouse - I know it looks a bit grim, but after a good wash down with some hot bleach-y water -

It looked just fine.

I had a special mission for it.

I made a little table to stand it on from what I could find lying around. I had the legs/frame of an old sewing machine, so I made a top for it from a bit of old wood. Its not as posh and pretty a job as Hubby P would have done - but its does the job, I cant expect him to do EVERYTHING! He is so pressed for time - its this having to go to work business, it gets in the way of everything!

I wanted the mini greenhouse to go in the corner of my big green house - a kind of a super propagator.

It works really well, seems to really boost the seedlings!

On to the prettier stuff - just look at all this lovely lace.
Beautiful stuff, a real Vintage find - I am doing the usual, keeping a bit for myself and selling some on Ebay - you can link to my Ebay from my side bar, take a peek if you like lace and fabrics.
Just to think of a project now to set off all the lace-y loveliness!

And for a ' Whistling Experience' how about this for a kettle!

Finding this rather large kettle took me right back to my Grandmothers kitchen, she would light the gas - pop the kettle on and I would listen for the whistle.
Lashings of tea in a big brown teapot to have with our egg and soldiers!

Not really designed to be used on the electric hob but pretty to look at.

The cream and green colour on the handle matches well the 1940's big green enamel tea pot, used for high days and holidays when 'lashings of Earl Grey tea' is simply a must!

Speaking of tea I think its time for a nice cuppa ....

A quick hello' from the boys - just chillin!
xx take care for now xx