Thursday, 18 October 2012

Everyday Dust .. Decisions ... and Daily Thrift!

Hello there ...

Here we are again ... day at home today ... doing much needed housework .. or so I tell myself .. can't say I am enthused with the idea. 
I've changed the bed and wafted about a bit with a duster..

 Everything is a bit stress-y here at the moment ... as you can see ... no big van on the drive.

Its still not fixed ... been like this for what seems like weeks ... it needs a new gearbox ... a simple thing you may think... but Oh no.. the 'Spares Men' all do that sucking their teeth thing.. and shaking their heads.
I won't bore you with all the details but Hubby P is beginning to get a bit cheesed off with the whole thing ... he is .. at this moment touring North Wales .... telephone directory under his arm broken gearbox in the boot of Richards car.... to try and find the elusive gearbox needed.

Oh ...hang on the telephone is ringing..

 Oh Hurrah!
 ... He has just telephoned me from Wrexham to say he has found one .... hopefully he will be back on the road and able to work this weekend ... one poor girl has booked him to do her house removal ... she was panicking a bit.

 And my house looks like a warehouse again ... this little lot is waiting to be sold on.

Anyway on to everyday stuff .. do you like my new little mirrors .... and I couldn't resist the blue brooch and earrings ... a girl has got to treat herself now and again. 
Do like a bit of vintage bling!

Now ... Decisions Decisions....
....this has been a hard one ... 
...when does a lady stop colouring her hair ... and embrace natures own colouring?

Well I have decided the time has come ..
to be honest I was so tired of the whole thing ... I hated using the chemicals.... the time/weeks between colouring became less and less as the roots showed more and more.... and the state of the shower curtain etc after I've finished colouring....a nightmare.
Enough! I said to myself.

So winter is on the way ... and I generally wear a hat most of the time ... so it won't be so noticeable ..then come spring I will have a new colour.
It really doesn't bother me ... after all its a natural thing ..and Hubby P is quite happy that we 'grow old and grey together' ...Ahhh

How do you feel about it?
 ... I'm hoping I wont regret it .. or rather 'have a wobble' and rush out to buy a colour .. then have to start all over again!     

Thrifty Snippet bit now ...
I've been buying firelighters from Tesco for a couple of weeks ... just to get a stock in for the bad weather ... nothing worse than damp sticks that won't light
Anyway ... they are very expensive at £1.50 a pack ... and have to be used very sparingly 

Well a thrifty friend found these at the coal merchants ... you could buy a whole boxfull... that's 24 individual boxes for £9.50.
So by my simple reckoning on a bit of paper that's just short of 40p a box ... got to be a bargain.

 I had to have a bit of a re-jig of the 'under the stairs cupboard' .... not that we have any stairs .. but that's what we call it
Its a hang over from when we were young ...and houses in the North .. or rather terraced type houses all had cupboards under the stairs and its where people kept all the 'useful' stuff.
Perhaps you can spot the spare toilet seat (for when the present one needs replacing), a spare iron ... they don't last for ever so I have a new one waiting in the wings, there is my barrel for making wine and my big Kenwood mixer, light bulbs, fuse wire, spare plugs etc etc.
Do you have a 'under the stairs cupboard' ... what is it you fell you just must hoard away?
 .... speaking of which ...I have a whole trunk full of candles.... is it me? should I be worried?

And on to food ... Hubby P will get home ...eventually..

I've just dragged all this out of the fridge/ freezer and put it in a very low slow oven ... I can pop a few dumplings in it when I know he's somewhere near home.

That's my day .... what have you been up to ... will you still speak to me when I am old and grey! he he ...

Take care x