Friday, 9 January 2009


Hi there ~ sorry its been so long! I bet you thought I'd fallen off the edge of the Blog world!
Hope you all had a good Christmas/New Year/ Holiday and what not ~ seems a long time ago now.
Just a short post, sort of random ~ Hubby p has uploaded my photos I had for you, and goodness only knows where he has put them ~ I have searched this computer!
So here's a sunny one! ~ remember that Sunshine stuff! And the garden all lush and green.
Did Santa bring some nice goodies? This was one of my rather nice gifts ~ fancy Hubby P knowing I needed a Hatpin stand and Hatpins! This is a Vintage one from Woolworths, a double whammy ~ Vintage and Woolworths , poor Woolies been and gone, but it makes my Hatstand that extra bit special. Indeed, poor Woolies, I think we all have fond memories of spending our pocket money in Woolies on a Saturday!

We went to the Household and Collectables Auction yesterday, great excitement as usual! There was lots of lovely things, unfortunately the Vintage clothes I was interested in went far above the pennies in my pocket. I bought a nice box full of Vintage sherry glasses ( I could just not get a good photo of these) and whatnot, and as usual the Lot included a whole load of Table linen ~ just take a look at this!

It simply screams 1960/70s! with its bright pink geometric pattern! Its even brighter pink than on the photo. Its a tablecloth but would make a great hanging.
I have put this and some others on Ebay ~ to re-home. I am determined not to hoard stuff this year, looking through my cupboards earlier this week, I found stuff that I hadn't looked at for months! That and get my Credit cards paid right down - and fingers crossed paid off! So the not hording, selling on Ebay and reduction of Credit cards goes hand in hand. Wish me luck ~ its so hard not buying all those lovely linens and bits and bobs, just to 'have' them.

Found these too, stashed among the linen, ~ do you remember your Mum buying Scotchbright? It was the most innovative thing in the kitchen - no dishwashers then!

That's all for now time for Tea! Ta Ta for now xxx