Sunday, 5 August 2012

Just How Many Courgettes Can A Girl Eat ?.........

Well what a glut .... I know we are very lucky to have plenty of food ...but just how many courgettes can a girl eat?

It seems everyday there are more and more of them .... they seem to be breeding in the fridge veggie box.

It was doing that 'rainy' thing again this morning so I resolved to deal with the fridge-y stuff.
I picked all the courgettes I could see ... even quite small ones .. I just know there will be heaps more in a day or two, and grabbed what was in the fridge.


Sliced um all up and put them on trays to open freeze ....then I can bag um up in large-ish bags/or tubs maybe much easier when they are not all stuck together ...I can just get a few out for a stir fry or whatever.

Been getting rather a lot of cucumbers too .... so I made some of the cucumber and onion pickle .... we eat it by the ton yummy.

Its just a case of slicing up some onion and cucumber and pouring over some malt vinegar... I add a bit of sugar. 
I keep a jar of it in the fridge and as we eat it I add more bits and pieces of cucumber and onion .... until the vinegar looks a bit cloudy ....then I start afresh.

Mushrooms looked a bit dodgy ... this humid weather everything goes off so quick, so I peeled them ...they looked a bit better.... chopped um up... rooted in the fridge for other 'need to be used up' stuff... and made a quiche-y thing for tea.

I filled the oven whilst it was on .... Hubby P appreciates the odd bit of home baking.

He always looks forward to his bit of 'Flypaper'.... anyone else know of 'flypaper'? 

Its how I use up the last little bit of pastry ....roll it out into a little square...spread a bit of butter on...a few sultanas....sprinkle of sugar....fold over... and lightly 'squash the flies'.

It was my Dad who called it Flypaper ....I've grown up with it ...Dad use to smear butter all over it too...but that's a bit too rich for me.