Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Flowers and Friperies from the Home Front

These delightful little flowers always cheer my garden at this time of year, they come as the
Daffs are fading, but before the Forget-me-nots and Tulips!
They are Welsh Three Cornered Leeks - initially I had them in my herb garden, but as with the
way of things, they have spread throughout the garden!

As you can see they are a very fresh pretty white bell shape, bit like a Bluebell. They can be used as are chives, but they have a more Leek-y taste, just a few in a salad is nice.

As you can see they they don't grow very tall - ideal as a edging to herb beds and whatnot. They grow like wildfire, from the smallest cutting - they come from small bulbs.
If anyone would like a little slip/cutting (a little bit of Wales) just email me with your address and I will put you a slip in the post - they should travel ok.
I do like to have a bit of the unusual in my garden ~ a challenge to see if it will grow!

I thought I would introduce you to Clara (Clara Bow), I made her from an old dressmakers
dummy, binding her with old cotton sheeting, and covering her with scraps of vintage fabric.
I wanted a 'proper' display dummy - but just hadn't the money for the ones I liked, so in good
old Blue Peter style! - I made my own!

She even has a Vintage Fur stole to keep her warm - the Fur was my Mothers (when it was PC to have such things) I remember when I was very young, my Godfather bringing this Fur from New York! I remember thinking it was a wonderful thing - that he must be very rich!
Of course Mother had little opportunity to wear it ( her not being a fashionable starlet! - just an ordinary hardworking Mother of three!) so it stayed wrapped up in the back of the cupboard!
At least now it gets an airing, and looks the part along with my other treasures!

I started taking these photos to get some good shots of recently found goodies to put on Ebay - its so easy to get carried away!
This little vintage outfit I found on Sunday - Its What? Flower power meets Gypsy? I thought it very pretty - very tiny size 10 ( I should think I could just about get one leg in it!). Hopefully it will delight someone and find a new home.
It upsets me to think a lot of the Carbooters - especially the House clearance people just put what has not sold in the rubbish skip! Needless to say this is why I end up with so much stuff!

This is a pretty enough Apron, but what interested me was its larger size! Being bigger I am always on the lookout for larger things - just because we are bigger doesn't mean we don't like pretty things!

Again a pretty Apron, reminds me of what Grannie use to wear. I liked the Blue - often flowery
/Rosy prints are all pink in colour.

This is quite Retro - a bit different, I have had this for a while, but I have that many I have to let some go every now and again!

This seemed a bit French Cafe to me!
Have a Good Day!


  1. Hi! I just found your blog through twiggy peasticks and I just wanted to tell you how lovely it is!

    I have only been to Anglesey once on holiday many years ago but have some fond (if vague) memories of it!!

    I'm a newish blogger too - come and say hi!

    April xx

  2. Hi Vicky

    It's April not Alice, thanks for adding me to you rlist. I shall do the same

    April xx

  3. Ohh some lovely stuff there , hun
    Twiggy x
    PS wish I was small enough to fit in that gorgeous size 10 dress - in my dreams - lol

  4. I love your photo's of the garden and clara in all her outfits! brilliant! x

  5. Hello Vicky I'm just catching up on your inspiring posts. I adore your beautiful cottage garden. The leeks are so beautiful, I have never seen these before and I though they were amazing. I could imagine they look and taste stunning in a salad.thats if you could bare to cut them.

    Your outfits are cool and quirky, I think you are really luck to be able to get such fab fabrics, I love the aprons as well, gosh what an inspiring post.
    Hugs Lynn xx
    Hope you find some more goodies this weekend.

  6. Your mannequin make-over is wonderful - great job.
    Have a lovely weekend,


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