Thursday, 20 March 2008

An Award! How wonderful! and Pretty Easter Crafting!

How wonderful!! An Award -for Me!
The Darling Twiggypeasticks has Awarded me the Art+Y+Pico Award - I must Thank her Sooooo much - I am thrilled!
More of this once I have mastered the 'putting it on my blog' bit. I am sure it is easy once you know what to do! Any advice most welcome!
Had an awful day (stressful) with trip to the Drs with son No3 - it resulted with him being admitted to hospital, and you know how long winded these admissions can be, endless questions ( I know they need the information) -but its so tiring!
We've left him there- its surprising how much braver he is with the pretty nurses! ( he is 22 but still like a 7yr old with his Mum!)
Anyway on to something more interesting and fun - glad I did these yesterday ready for Easter it looks like I will be tied up at the hospital for a day or two. These are my chocolate Easter Bunnies. I took lots of photos - I like to look at lots of photos, especially when people are crafting - it gives me ideas and inspiration!
And I think, sometimes enviously - 'where did she get that fabulous trim' or whatnot!

Little Bunnies out of the mould, resting on a beautiful hand embroidered tray cloth that Hubby found this week in a Charity shop - I have him well trained!
I wrapped the Bunnies in some clear cellophane and tied with a bow.

And here are the little cheery bags I made earlier in the week, filled with Choccy eggs and chicks!

All the goodies on the table, mostly found at carboot sales and charity shops - and squirreled away to add fun and frolics to fabulous fripperies!

An Easter Basket for my little nieces - the nice choccy gifts wrapped in vintage paper bags and
tied with a bow!
Just a little couple of pics of the bag I was making last week - using the vintage 'Beano' comic
I made it quite large, with long handles so that it can be used as a 'shoulder bag'. I thought it might appeal to students to carry their work, or any other of us who hark back to those comfortable days of curling up with a good Comic!

'Desperate Dan' on one side, interior lined with 'Comic' fabric and little pocket, for phone/purse.

And 'Denis the Menace' on the other!
Bag 'body' is made form a vintage dark grey woollen blanket, and trimmed with red braid and one or two vintage buttons! just for fun!

I would like to offer this bag for sale here - to others who appreciate the different and quirky! It would be nice to see it go to a nice friendly home. For sale for £20 inc post and packaging in the UK (please contact me for postage to other destinations)
Please feel free to contact me for more information.


  1. You are more than welcome hun, all you have to do to copy it from my blog, (I nicked the text from Chrissy)is right click on it and copy and paste, do the same to the pic, save as a document then upload like you would a photo, does that make sense???
    Anyhoo, love your Easter goodies, yum yum, We're making Easter biscuits tomorrow and more choccy birds nests as we've scoffed all the others. That little tea tray cloth is gorgeous, what a clever hubby you have. Lovely bag too, clever lady! Hope your son is soon better, he's still your baby no matter how old he is. I don't want to scare you but I've just paid for our hols and we're coming to Anglesey - ha ha - will let you know when so you can lock your front door
    Happy Easter
    Twiggy x

  2. Hi You! How exciting! Hols booked! you will have to let me know where - mind you Angleseys such a small place- no where is far! And when - so we can meet up, come for Afternoon Tea! How very British! and Twiglet can see the chickens! I am going to try and sort this Award on my blog later, just off to hospital again now. XX Vicky XX

  3. Hey hun
    Check out my blog, there is something else waiting for you - blimey !!

  4. I love your new blog Vicky!! How long have you been up and running? excellent! I too have a blog! Aren't they great! Hopefully see you soon. x x


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