Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Treasure from deepest Anglesey!

What a pretty little collection of goodies, I am so thrilled with this little lot! I found these little treasures on Sunday at our local Carboot sale. It was freezing and a bit damp, so I was expecting to have a quick look around, pick up some bird seed and head home. But surprise, surprise people had made the effort, and with their vans cleverly positioned to shield the worst off the wind - lots of interesting boxes to trawl through!

Oh - and what goodies, a couple of vintage tins which are surprisingly clean and rust free - amazing colours which came through when I washed them.
The little picture of the Lady is an extremely proficient piece of work combining appliqued vintage felt (amazing colours) and embroidery. A lovely piece just needs a nice vintage frame! Although I might put her on Ebay for someone else to cherish - she doesn't seem to 'fit' anywhere here -I have been round and round the house propping her up here and there. Maybe this is not her journeys end!
I was painstakingly looking through a heap of fabric and doilies when the stallholder (she was rather cold and tired!) said 'just take them all for a £1' - what can a girl do! - I came away with a bag full. Some are a bit ' run of the mill' but there are some really nice fine cotton ones too. Looking for projects to use up mountains of doilies now!
I thought this was a beautiful thing, I don't know how old it is - it must be 60s - it has a domed glass front with the black print on it, it is backed with hardboard, and fastened together with brass fittings and hook to hang it with. I particularly like our faerie folk so this really appealed to me, I will hang it in the conservatory with the other faerie things.
So pretty - how can people bear to part with them! There again not everyone is so obsessed with 'old dingy stuff' - as is often implied by some of my family!

This pretty bunch smell as nice as they look! There is such a nice little old man who stands every Sunday no matter the weather, he sells bird food, plants and great bunches of pretty flowers for next to nothing - no excuse for a girl not to spoil herself!


  1. I want that fairy plate it's gorgeous, I love all the stuff you bought, well done. Anyhoo there is a little something for you on my blog hun, go take a look see
    Twiggy x

  2. Finding some bargain beautys always has a feel good factor, it's so good, and those beautiful flowers are the icing on the cake, bet they small gorgeous.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  3. I love the daffodils! I shall make you a daffodil card! x x


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