Friday, 28 March 2008

And Now Its Raining - Again!!

The day started wonderfully well! I received this beautifully wrapped gift from Twiggypeasticks! Almost too pretty to open! So exciting! And a lollipop too!
Carefully opened, the goodies revealed! A sweet little cushion with little heart shaped trim - I shall use it as a pin cushion, so that I can keep it on my sewing table to remind me of sweet friends. And of course to the 'button addict'- the buttons were to swoon over!
Thank you so much Twiggy -You Made My Day!

Look how sweet my little cushion looks on my sewing table!

I thought you might like to see my latest little find - I don't expect you to be too thrilled if you are not a sewing fiend! But if you are you can imagine my delight in finding this felt (50p/piece) in such vibrant, pretty colours - I nearly snatched the ladies hand off!
Of course Hubby makes the usual remark of 'What are you going to do with all that?' - silly question! Must be something wonderful to make from it, just like the hoards of other materials I have - stacked everywhere!

I had seen a nice painting on Etsy of Toadstools - No - I resisted buying it! Anyway the toadstools were in similar colours to my felt, so I thought I would have a go at Toadstools - this is the panel sort of half done, I thought I would add some simple embroidery to jazz it up a bit.

I will have to do something with the panel - not sure yet - maybe a small cushion or a little bag - Will keep you posted. Felt is so easy - it doesn't fray!

I started yesterday painting the conservatory (with wood preservative stuff) - it was so warm yesterday the stain stuff was steaming as I put it on the wood! - I had to wear my sun specks! So I got up today all Gung Ho -ready to gloss the window frames - and of course we are back to winter and lashings of rain! I have done a bit - between the showers - I know I shouldn't in the rain, but I do so want to get it out the way then I can play in the garden (I've spent sooo much on plants and summer bulbs (Ebay - you can buy anything!), I dare not tell how much - its a bit embarrassing! - My One Weakness!

Yes! I painted around the pots - typically female thing to do! Who has time to fiddle about taking things down, no one can see behind!

Even Uncas the dog is fed up with the rain!


  1. Some lovely goodies there! I am vv jealous of your gorgeous sewing machine!

    April xx

  2. Lovely stuff, I'm glad you like your little parcel, the lolly is from Twiglet!! Your mushrooms are gorgeous and I'd be excited about your felt bargains too. Is your sewing machine a Singer? I have a lovely old Singer called Myrtle - yes I'm dotty:)
    Your house looks so lovely.
    Twiggy x

  3. your parcel from Twiggy looks lovely, and the toadstools are great,last time I did any embroidery was over 10 years ago! Josie x

  4. Wow look at that lovely sewing machine!!I assume a Singer? I learnt on one like that at my Grandmas!
    It is beautiful.Does it work well?
    Thanks for visiting my blog..I will add you to my faves right now..Sal;-)

  5. Love your toadstoools. You could probably frame them too.

    What model singer is your treadle. I have a 66-1. It is back clamping.

    Twiggy - LOL you are not alone, I have names for my machines too!

  6. Hi Vicky, there is a surprise on my blog for you! Josie x

  7. You have been tagged. Hope you do not mind. Pop over and see. It is the first time for me so I wanted to take part this time.


    April xx

  8. oh bum, i've just tagged you too hun, just do it once unless you want to tell us 14 things about yourself - lol
    twiggy x


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