Friday, 14 March 2008

Its too cold to play outside!

Its just too cold to play outside today, I know the garden needs some attention, but it will have to wait until it warms up a bit. I have done a little bit - the tomato seedlings have at last been potted on, I am sure they gasped a sigh of relief!
So as you can see from the pics, I am full of sewing, sewing, sewing in my head, my work area is a tip, but I am having a good time!

You have never seen a body throw together a potato pie and stick it in the oven, as fast as I did last night when, totally absorbed in my sewing - I looked at the clock and it was nearly time for my hubby to be home from work - he's given up smoking (I am so proud of him, It must be really hard when he's smoked for ages) and consequently he comes in as hungry as a horse! Must be better organised tonight -Yea Ha ha!

This is what I have been playing with, Its some old fabric I picked up with characters from the comic 'Beano' on it. I have appliqued them on to a basic tote style bag made from a vintage woollen blanket, and will line it with the same comic fabric. I quite like these old blankets they make really soft touchy, feeley kinda bags.

The thing is with sewing, and all crafty things think - I always have a list in my head of the next thing, the next project - that bit of wonderful fabric sat there on the shelf calling out to me ! - Is it just me??

This is just another of my little Tote type bags -I have a case full of similar bits and bobs!

A friend of mine has introduced me to Etsy. She helped me set up a shop, the whole thing scares me a bit because the money is in dollars! I know wimpy me! We must think globally I know - scares me though! Anybody had any luck with this way of selling ? It seems a huge market place, it will be an interesting experience, hopefully I will meet similar, interesting people.
Oh and the shop is called have a peek and let me know what you think.

Going to go and at least pull something out of the freezer -Be Prepared! - then I can sew!


  1. what a lovely old machine and you are so organised , everything in jars, my sewing things are in four places at the moment!

  2. Its only because I like the old sweet jars, and I have to be somewhat organised - I live in such a tiny house!

  3. Hey thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
    Your blog is lovely, you are so lucky living in Anglesey, we're actually coming over for our hols in June, you'll probably hear our little boy chatting nineteen to the dozen :)
    Your bags are gorgeous and well done on the Etsy shop, I'll take a look. I'd love to open a shop but really need to find the time to make some stock first!!
    I'm very new to blogging too, only started in Feb, isn't it addictive.
    Twiggy x

  4. Hello Vicky...please can I add you to my favorites list? I just love your posts, and I adore Anglesey. I am so glad you dropped by I feel like I have found a new friend.
    Hugs and BBLynn xx

  5. Hi Vicky - I love your old sewing machine and I can't wait to see your Beano bag when its done. I can't offer any advice on Etsy I'm afraid, as like you I am also just dipping my toe in the water! - Natalie x

  6. Hi Vicky .. Gosh, how lucky you are to live in such a beautiful place, I've always adored Anglesey.

    Your bags are lovely, and best of luck with selling them on Etsy! I have a few friends who sell on there and they all rave about the place.


    PS: Thanks ever so much for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog (The Musings of an English Lass)


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