Monday, 17 January 2011

New Year.....New Projects!!

Just had to share this lovely photo with you!

Isn't he a magnificent Chap... or perhaps she's a Lady?
Her/His colours really were so bright.
New Year....New Projects!
And as the day was dry and fairly bright we made a start. The project is to clear the old pond (nasty smelly job) leaked and was just so overgrown, and the surrounding area.... move some sheds about....make a largest space which to build a new summerhouse/shed type thingy.
Sounds easy....

Richard made a start on the pond....

Liz was at the forefront helping with the digging.....lots of tasty worms!

Such a mucky job!
Eventually they got the pond liner out.... now I am left with a big hole.....the garden looks like the Somme!
At least we got through the day without any incidents....just achy backs.
As you know Hubby P does have a history of spectacular injuries... something to do with his enthusiasm for playing with big boys toys......or/erm should that be tools!
I've found encouraging Hubby P to let the younger ones.... Richard and other various sons 'have a go'....
cuts down remarkably on the 'incidents'..... !

Unfortunately we disturbed the frog.... it was in the pond... Richard carried it off and found a suitable damp patch of garden to 'relocate' it.

Anyway Hubby P's day ended well ...we had to shop....and we scored!
Asda was 'Whoopsie-ing' on the bread we filled a good shelf of our freezer with 10p pies. Can't be bad....Hubby P loves a pie!

Hope you had a good day.... xx

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  1. oh she is wonderful! I'm sure she'll find nice accomodations in the neighborhood soon.
    Must show us an 'after picture'


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