Friday, 28 January 2011

Todays Little Thrills!

Just had to share today's thrilling discovery.... seeds are up!
I was thrilled....Spring has got to be on its way. I just have to nurture these babies...grow them on so they will be nice and big and strong....all ready to be planted out.
Tiny things I know... but they give me a big know what they say about 'Small things amusing small minds!!

And how about these... I think they are just so cute, came in the post this morning. I bought them to add to the sewing bits and bobs I sell in the Emporium. I have lots of ladies into all sorts of crafts, and they are always looking for something new.... a bit different. Of course I shall just have to keep one or two for myself.

And last of all Curtains!

How delightful is this.....bright and bold, glistening gold in the sunshine!
A friendly older Gentleman of the Church gave me a bag full of this sort is very grand, super fancy ....intended as net curtaining...sort of...I think

Its very beautiful anyway.... there are a few different sorts, and he intended that I sell it on rather than it sit in a cupboard, so I shall sell some on ebay....but of course some will be stashed so that I can admire it now and again!
xx Take care xx


  1. Oooh isn't it exciting when new shoots year, new life...spring is coming...makes you want to smile from ear to ear!!

    And those little doggies are gorgeous and the delicious curtains are sumptious and glamorous and need to be on show!!!


  2. exciting! we have two little snowdrops next to our front door!

  3. oooohhh is it really time to be sowing? I am a novice and thought it was too to find my gardening books!

  4. You could use the gold nets around your 4 poster bed and make a romantic retreat.

    Its good to see signs of spring isn't it. I take heart by looking at the buds on the bushes and trees as I walk the dogs.


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