Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Frosty Frugal Day!

Nice bright sunshine today, but cold and frosty....the ground stayed frosty white all day, so no playing out in the garden.
A day of the dratted housework and fidgeting about indoors.
I tackled the last of the stored apples.....about time too, many were happily rotting away.
Still...lots of good apple there, so chopped away at the bad bits and saved the good.
Enough to make a couple of apple crumbles, one for us and one for a friend.

Not very pretty 'Country Living style' dishes....but sturdy and practical...and the crumble will taste just as scrummy. The dark brown bits are caramelised 'dark.. dark' rich yummy sugar....I used up what was left in the packet....just love that dark rich stuff.
Just need a bit of custard!

So Hubby P's dream dinner ....pie.
And cheap and cheerful....nice and frugal.....good dinner with lots of roast veg (carrots and parsnip), peas and a heap of mash. Good warming stuff.

I managed to get a few seeds sown, ready for the early Spring.....I am hoping like mad we have one.....t'would be so nice to have a long warm Spring/Summer.
I've just put a few seeds in little tubs....trying not to end up with far too many seedlings. I sowed some tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers,onions, and leeks. They are just in the window bottom, fingers crossed they do ok.....I can keep them going indoors until its fit to plant them outside.
I know its early but I want to make a good start.

And Nuts!

Finally Hubby P got his Christmas nuts!
I wouldn't buy any over Christmas.... they were just too expensive, but they have been reduced a little each week until this week they were down to 30p/bag.
So Hubby P got his nuts!

Hope you had a good day.... the sun is getting brighter each day....soon be fit to play out!

I'm Carbooting again tomorrow... fingers crossed for the sunshine!

xx take care xx


  1. I am trying to "frugalize" my life a bit and you are soooo inspiring...on the nut front I got 2 massive boxes of apples and two bags of nuts not long after halloween as they had spooky(!!!?) packaging for next to nothing so you are right it is worth waiting! I am extremely impressed with your "feast"!! Da Iawn Ti xxxx

  2. Good idea on getting started with those seeds you have inspired me to do the same I am planning on having a lot of home grown food this year
    xx fee


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