Saturday, 15 January 2011

A Thrifting Day....Snuggled By The Fire.

Well what a dreary playing out in the garden today.
But I'm not going to moan... its January for goodness sake! January weather and all that!
A day for snuggling in front of the fire and planning for the Spring....I was very good, had a browse on Ebay but just bought what I needed.....Leek seeds and some pretty colourful Chard seeds. Its about time the Leek seeds were started, and I shall sow some Tomato seeds soon.....Spring is around the corner.
I had a good sort out of cupboards, which involved me emptying the contents of the Hubby P's shelves on to the bed....a huge pile of clothes.... and 'suggesting' he sort through them 'like Now'!
He has been promising to do it for weeks...there were so many old tatty unworn clothes, just taking up space. Many were old ink stained work clothes (Hubby P being a Printer), T shirts with baggy necks, things that he swore must have 'shrunk in the wash'.... although I think myself it has something to do with the 'maturing' of his waistline!
And well... the underwear drawer.... well we wont go into detail about that....needless to say a little trip to Asda and a couple of packets of new 'smalls' did the job.
At least now he can get run over by a bus, and we wont be embarrassed! lol!
Needless to say the old tatty clothes couldn't be just thrown away.....lots of useful.....if not pretty fabric.
So I spent 20 minutes roughly cutting them up....removing, and keeping any buttons and putting aside the decent sized bits to use as rags.

Hubby P is forever asking for 'a bit of a rag'.... cleaning the car/van, painting, engines, restoring bits of furniture...all seem to need rags, so my rag bag is a vital bit of kit.
I ventured outside briefly to say Hello to the chickens, Hubby P had fed them this morning and said they weren't for venturing out in the miserable wind and rain.... not adventurous sorts really!

All except this one..... she is out whatever the All Action, Outdoorsy sort of Girl.....we call her Liz after my Outdoorsy kinda Sister!

Here are the others ....huddled in the comfort of their shed, watching the rain through the open door.

Liz busy scratting about....she likes a nice worm....the chicken.....not the Sister....although I don't know....she makes a habit of exploring wild places like the Mac Donalds there!

Well .... the day is just getting darker and darker....back to the fireside I think, and some of Hubby P's trousers to mend!
Gosh....I'm just Girl who how to live it Large!!
xx Take care xx Bye for now xx


  1. Make do and mend Gal!
    I'm itching to get in the garden but, the foul weather we are having puts me off as well as the dodgy knee...any excuse 'eh?
    Do you or have you done any rag rugs? Just another thought for the 'rags' if you need any more ideas!

    Sandie xx

  2. I have those scissors! :D

    My Dad always used to keep a big rag bag for all his tinkering about, my ex wasn't a diy guy so all my rags were and are used for cleaning. :)

  3. I love this story about your Lizs :-)
    I do miss gardening right now, too but though it looks like spring was around the corner I am sure there is more winter to come first.

  4. Thanks for reminding me spring is around the corner.. it's easy to forget with the dark, wet days :(
    I need to sort my clothes out but I hate doing that job! :)

  5. Sounds like perfect weather for snuggling by the fire. You don't feel guilty when it's miserable outside.
    I don't blame the hens for wanting to stay inside, they're not silly........
    Blue skies ad sunshine here, after all the rain. Maybe Summer is going to put in an appearance after all.

  6. The weather is dreary here too, the boys are painting, I'm about to make a vat of carrot soup and some cake.
    Keep cosy
    twiggy x

  7. and it is still dreary now!!! I hope you have named all your chickens after family members!!


  8. Your waifs and strays reminded me of when I helped out in a teddy bear shop and we "rescued" old bears, cleaned them, gave them new clothes and put them in a basket labelled "Orphan Bears" with a plaintif little poem about them needing good homes! They sold better than the new bears and we had some regular customers who brought their friends to "adopt" a bear!!

  9. I love Mummy bear! it's good to see that Sam has finally found a girlfriend!!! x


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